Jasox is a mercenary sent to distract Urdnot Wrex from Fist. Sole survivor of the group Wrex slaughters in a warehouse not far from Fist's apartment, Jasox manages to score a sniper hit at Wrex's armor, irritating the krogan and receiving a shotgun blast in the back mere moments later.

As Wrex moves to finish him off, Jasox takes off his helmet, confessing his purpose as a distraction to the krogan. Sometime in the past, Jasox and Wrex worked together on a job where the human merc saved the krogan out of a burning ship, and Jasox brings up the topic attempting to convince Wrex to spare him. Wrex counters that Jasox conveniently forgot that he showed up late for the job, forcing Wrex to eliminate the crew by himself, and Jasox replies he didn't even have to show up at all.

As both of them walk out of the carnage from the warehouse, Jasox remarks how that point-blank shotgun blast is going to leave a mark on his back. Seeing a bar nearby, he proposes grabbing a drink, even adding that he's paying. Wrex grows suspicious and deduces the human is still trying to distract him from his target. Jasox confesses as much when told about it, saying he had to try. Wrex, initially planning on giving back the merc's sniper rifle, decides not to and tells Jasox about it, and as the two part ways Jasox calls out good luck. Wrex disregards the merc's blessing.