Jath'Amon is a batarian ambassador. Outwardly meek and well-meaning, he is an advocate of peace and diplomacy. Jath'Amon's arrangement of a meeting with the Citadel Council with the intention of negotiating peace terms between the batarians and the Alliance sparked rising galactic tensions sometime before the geth attack on the Citadel in 2183.

Later, Cerberus discovers that the ambassador is the assassination target of a batarian extremist group, which considers "peace" synonymous with "surrender". Miranda Lawson, a Cerberus operative, is tasked with finding out the truth about this threat. With the help of Major Derek Izunami, she recruits Jacob Taylor, a former Alliance marine, to investigate the terrorists' activities. During the investigation, Jacob meets Illo Nazario, who reveals the truth about the batarian extremists' plan.

The mastermind Edit

In reality, Jath'Amon is the true leader of the batarian extremists: all along, his goal has been the assassination of the Council with a deadly engineered virus. He plans to release the virus during the meeting with the Council, himself being safely vaccinated against the bioweapon.

When Jacob and Miranda discover the truth about Jath'Amon's intentions from Nazario, they hurry to the Citadel Tower and enter the Council Chambers in the middle of the ambassador's speech, bringing the evidence against Jath'Amon to light. With the realization that his true motives are known, Jath'Amon's peaceful demeanor fades and the now furious ambassador sprays the virus into the Chamber from a concealed pump in his hover chair. Jacob defeats Jath'Amon's batarian troops and combat drones before detaining the ambassador himself.

Upon being defeated, Jath'Amon claims he and Jacob are not so different, as they both go to great lengths to protect their people. Jath'Amon is last seen swearing revenge on Jacob and the Citadel races as he is led away by C-Sec officers.

Tactics Edit

Jathamon enemy
  • Jath'Amon is the final boss and therefore the toughest enemy encountered in the game.
  • His shields will begin to regenerate 1.5 seconds after being disabled, but his health will not.
  • A direct missile launcher blast can take you down in one hit.
  • This boss is especially dangerous because of the two turrets protecting him.
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