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Jedore is a Blue Suns commander and financial contributor to Okeer's krogan cloning project.

Jedore is tasked with overseeing the cloned krogan combat effectiveness and determining if they are suitable as shock troops. She is disappointed by the cloned krogan given their crazed and uncontrollable nature in combat, making them near useless as frontline troops. Okeer, however, dismisses Jedore's complaints about his creations, putting Jedore's lack of control over them down to a lack of ability to command.

Ultimately, Jedore decides that Okeer and his krogan are not worth the time and money invested and attempts to destroy both him and his progeny. She is killed by Commander Shepard in an attempt to acquiesce to Okeer's wishes and save the yet unawakened Grunt.

Jedore seems quite unstable, displaying a massive superiority complex and a hair-trigger temper; her ranting during Shepard's infiltration was so severe her own subordinates demanded that she stop clogging up the comm channel.



Jedore is armed with the ML-77 Missile Launcher.


Jedore has very strong shields and armour as well as high health. She uses Tech Armor like every other Blue suns commander.


See also: Dossier: The Warlord
  • Jedore activates four dormant Krogan Berserkers (the next one appears after the previous one is killed) from their tanks and has a YMIR Mech for defence. The YMIR Mech cannot climb the elevation, therefore Krogan Berserkers take priority.
  • Exploit for low-level Shepard on Insanity: While Jedore and the YMIR Mech cannot follow Shepard outside the room (the entrance door will remain open as long as Shepard does not advance too far from it), the Krogan Berserkers can. Therefore, it is possible to lure all Krogan Berserkers outside the room for easy and safe killing from the floor above the door. The YMIR Mech could get stuck behind obstacles, too.
  • Killing Jedore prevents her from activating more Berserkers on you, so it may be a good idea to snipe her from the door. This also means she won't shoot missiles at you while you deal with the YMIR mech. Jedore tends to keep a large distance between you and her at all times, though she isn't smart enough to realize not to shoot you point blank given the chance. It can be hard to deal with her since rushing her would require side-stepping a YMIR mech and Krogan Berserker, so killing her before she overwhelms you with reinforcements can be tricky.
  • If playing as a Vanguard, getting close to Jedore isn't too hard. Wait until the krogan and the YMIR move away from Jedore's position, then Charge her and quickly beat her down with melee attacks and shotgun blasts.
  • Like most enemies, Jedore is extremely susceptible to Stasis.