Jella is a batarian woman who works in the personnel and accounting department of Dah'tan Manufacturing on Camala. Hard-working but underpaid, she is a disgruntled employee who regularly helps outsiders steal from the company by altering purchase orders, manipulating supply records and leaving inventory unsecured. She is paid well in return, but prefers not to know too much about those behind the thefts.

When Edan Had'dah anonymously requests that she shut down the security system by one of the entrances to the facility, she complies: though suspicous about the nature of the request, she finds the offer too tempting to pass up, conseqeuently giving Skarr and several Blue Suns mercenaries the chance to enter the facility undetected. Her being Had'dah's only contact on the inside and thus the only person linking him to the company, Skarr has been tasked with personally ensuring she is eliminated.

Moments before the attack on the facility begins, Jella feels sick and needs to leave her post at her office. Once the rampage starts, she is able to hide in the bathroom's ventilation shaft while her former colleagues are killed, including her co-worker, She'n'ya, whom Skarr mistakes for Jella and kills, believing he has accomplished his goal. While hiding in the air shaft, Jella overhears a pair of mercs talk about Had'dah – a name she recognizes – and learns of his involvement in the attack. The building is then destroyed with explosives, but Jella manages to escape in time and miraculously survives, though she is horrifically burned and incapacitated in the process. Batarian rescue teams later find her and take her to a hospital.

Saren Arterius, on Had'dah's trail, visits the site of the destroyed factory and later goes to see Jella while she is undergoing treatment. Though she is in a medically-induced coma, Saren sends the medical staff away and wakes Jella to question her. Jella's injuries are life-threatening, but she manages to give him Edan Had'dah's name. Saren then deliberately withholds an injection that could put her back into a coma and save her life, waits until Jella expires, and only then injects the fluid in order to cover his tracks.

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