Jentha is a human commander in the Blue Suns mercenary group on Omega. Despite questioning Tarak's nervous and unprofessional leadership, she is loyal to her fellow mercenaries and utterly devoted to killing Archangel.

Commander Shepard encounters Jentha while on a mission to recruit Archangel. An edgy Tarak directs Shepard to Jentha after the Commander asks him about the freelancers' mission. Jentha gives Shepard a background on the Blue Suns. She also tells them about Archangel and his exploits which have struck a huge blow to Blue Suns activities on Omega.

Later, when Shepard and Archangel are fighting the mercenary groups, Jentha is deployed from Tarak's gunship. She is killed in the ensuing firefight.

Capabilities Edit


Jentha is armed with an M-76 Revenant, one of the most powerful weapons in the game. While less accurate at range than other troops, she is capable of inflicting much more damage if the player gets too close to her.


Jentha has a high level of shielding, armor, and health. However, unlike the similar Blue Suns Commander, she does not seem able to regenerate her shields.

Tactics Edit

Jentha, along with a squad of Blue Suns Troopers, Centurions and Legionnaires, will attack in the first wave of Blue Suns troops after the appearance of the gunship. The battle is not difficult, even on Insanity; though she is by far the most dangerous member of the group she stays away from the player, taking cover and peering out to fire long bursts from her weapon. She is capable of dealing a lot of damage quickly, but her damage drops off sharply at greater ranges: whether you focus on whittling down her defenses or getting rid of weaker enemies first is up to you. When you do focus on her no special tactics are necessary; use Overload and Disruptor Ammo in conjunction with SMGs, Assault Rifles, and, if you're feeling suicidally brave and want to get up close, Shotguns for her shields; use Warp, Incinerate, Incendiary Ammo, Armor Piercing Ammo, and Warp Ammo in conjunction with Heavy Pistols, Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles for her armor. Charging is not recommended before you strip her defenses, especially if there are other minions left in the room. Do whatever you want once you have reduced her to health, be it freeze her, set her on fire, toss her around with biotics or just shoot her (for a laugh, if you took Dominate as a bonus power, use it and watch her go to town on her fellow mercenaries). There is no need to worry about Tarak and his gunship as he stays away for the battle after Jentha is deployed, and will not return until later.

Trivia Edit

  • Jentha is most noteworthy for possessing a unique human hairstyle unavailable to the female Shepard without modifying the coalesced.ini or the save game (PC version only).
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