Jondum Bau is a salarian Spectre. In 2186, Commander Shepard receives an e-mail from him after rescuing the new turian primarch from Menae. Bau has been trying to capture the master thief, Kasumi Goto, until she sends him a tip that hanar diplomats are indoctrinated. Bau requests Shepard's help investigating these diplomats.

Upon confronting the culprit, who admits to having uploaded a virus to the defense network of the hanar homeworld, Kahje, Bau attempts to block the upload, but is attacked by the hanar's human bodyguard. Shepard may have to choose whether to save Bau's life or stop the virus.

It is, however, possible for both him and Kahje to be saved if Shepard is being helped by Kasumi. If saved, he and his fellow Spectres will join the war effort.

If Kasumi Goto was either not recruited or Shepard did not assist her in infiltrating Donovan Hock's vault (irrespective of whether she survived the suicide mission), then Jondum Bau gets the information by paying off Donovan Hock instead. If Commander Shepard was never involved with Kasumi or Hock, then Bau just mentions getting an anonymous tip.

E-mail: Help Request[edit | edit source]

From: Sender Blocked


My name is Jondum Bau. I'm with Special Tactics & Recon.

While some still have concerns about your past activities with Cerberus, many of us in ST&R took your warnings about the Reapers seriously. I'm reaching out to you because I have information that could tie agents with significant political power to the Reapers.

If you have time to meet me in the Citadel Embassy, I'd appreciate your discreet assistance.

Jondum Bau, STG, ST&R

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mass Effect writer Patrick Weekes named Jondum Bau after their colleague, John Dombrow. Dombrow had previously named the character Padok Wiks after Weekes.[1]

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