Jonn Whitson is a young human living on Omega. He desires to answer the mercenary call to fight the vigilante Archangel as a "freelancer".

Growing up on Omega, Whitson seems very confident of his abilities in a fight and wants to sign up with the mercs despite his youth and inexperience, even purchasing a 50-credit M-4 Shuriken for the job. When he makes his way to Afterlife to sign up, he happens to be next in line to a heavily-armed squad: Commander Shepard's team has just signed on to help the mercs "take down" Archangel. Shepard notes his appearance, but Whitson claims he can take care of himself. The Commander can forcefully dissuade him from signing up.

Should Shepard allow him to join with the mercs, he arrives at the mercenary staging ground around the same time Shepard's crew does, preempting Salkie's meet and greet with Shepard's team. He salutes the batarian after receiving directions to Sergeant Cathka before speeding off. Later, Whitson becomes Archangel's first casualty during the assault on the vigilante's base.

If Shepard breaks Whitson's weapon, he is prevented from participating and is spared from the skirmish. He later sends the Commander an email, titled "Glad I Didn't Sign Up!", identifying himself and expressing utmost gratitude.

From: Jonn Whitson

Hey, Aria gave me this address. I think I met you at Afterlife on Omega. You stopped me from joining up with those mercs who were trying to take out Archangel.

Man, I was so pissed off at you. I got blind drunk that night, and it was a few days later before I got it together enough to check the news vids and saw that almost all those mercs had gotten killed by Archangel.

I don't know who you are or if you got out of there alive yourself, but thanks. I felt really stupid when I heard about the body count, and how I could have been part of it. I'll make the most with what you did for me.

Jonn Whitson


  • If Whitson was prevented from signing up but Shepard returns to the Normandy SR-2 before finishing the mission, the e-mail from Whitson can be obtained and read prematurely there.
  • Josh Dean had previously voiced Richard L. Jenkins in Mass Effect.


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