Joram Talid is a turian politician campaigning for the position of Citadel Zakera Ward Intendant in 2185 with the platform of eradicating organized crime, under the slogan: "Take Back Your Station."

However, Talid is extremely anti-human, and in contrast to his anti-crime stance, he shakes down human-run businesses for money. He claims that the human C-Sec officers are corrupt and charges them with turning a blind eye to the increase of crime, allegedly perpetrated by humans. Talid also rails against the quick establishment of the human embassy on the Citadel (whereas other races have waited for hundreds, if not thousands of years), the human-sympathetic members of the Citadel Council, and the very fact that humanity is on the Council after the Battle of the Citadel in 2183, whereas the turians had to win the war against the krogan to do so.

He comments on humanity's rapid advancement and their regard for anything a few years old as obsolete, thus questioning humanity's ability to contribute to a 2000 year old Council. In his speeches, Talid promises that he will not rest "until the humans have been removed from power."

The human criminal Elias Kelham hired Thane Krios' son Kolyat to assassinate Talid. During Thane's loyalty mission, Commander Shepard can either kill Talid or save his life.

Trivia Edit

  • When Talid asks some voters what the humans have done for them, one salarian says "I like their food." This may be a reference to Monty Python's Life of Brian, where a similar exchange takes place regarding the Romans in Judea.
  • Talid is barefaced, both literally and colloquially as he is a politician.
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