Julia is a crewmember aboard the Kowloon Class Merchant Freighter MSV Worthington.

Julia, a powerful biotic, and her boyfriend, Jacob, both served as crewmembers on the MSV Worthington in 2183. Sometime during normal operation, Jacob was exposed to space for too long, resulting in brain death.

Struggling to cope with the incident, Julia was strongly opposed to the crew's suggestion of turning his life-support machines off. The ship's doctor, Smith, and the captain gave Julia some meds to help calm her down, and planned to shut down the machines keeping Jacob alive in a vegetative state. Things didn't go as planned however, because Julia didn't take the meds and killed every crewmember on the ship— notably the captain while he was recording the events in the ship's journal — and booby-trapped the cargo bay of the vessel. Not able to pilot the ship on her own, it is left adrift off the orbit of Antiroprus.

Eventually the freighter is boarded by Commander Shepard and the squad, and when discovered, she desperately charges the group, but is killed in the process.

Tactics Edit

  • Julia has moderate health and 2 to 3 bars of shielding. Like with all ME enemies, her shielding regenerates. Her health doesn't, however, unlike certain other enemies.
  • She will start the battle equipped with a shotgun, but will switch to pistol once she has fired Carnage. The pistol will have particularly high rate of fire associated with Marksman.
  • Damping and Sabotage are very useful, preventing her from firing or using biotics. If you have closed the door before listening to the final log, Julia won't be able to enter until you open it yourself, giving you ample opportunity to position Tech proximity mines in the doorway. With more than one tech user in the squad, it is possible to kill her without firing a single shot.
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