Location: Andromeda / Heleus Cluster / Govorkam / Kadara

Kadara Port is a settlement on Kadara ruled by Sloane Kelly, former Nexus security official.

Kadara Port

History Edit

Built at the summit of one of Kadara's highest mountains, Kadara Port was originally a trading centre established by the Heleus Cluster's native angara, but like so much of their civilization, fell on hard times with the kett invasion, and had been conquered by the invaders to serve as a staging ground for their troops on the planet. Following the Nexus Uprising, former Nexus Chief of Security Sloane Kelly led her Outlaw warband known as the "Outcasts" in a daring surprise attack on the port, swiftly seizing control and all but exterminating Kadara's kett presence. Under her rule, Kadara Port has become a hub of Exile activity and the centre of a significant black market economy stretching across much of Heleus. The presence of an ancient angara water purification system capable of filtering the sulphuric acid from local groundwater, as well as the security offered by the Outcasts, makes it one of the few relatively safe havens on the planet, a fact Kelly has leveraged to extort the populace with her "protection" fees, with failure to pay resulting in banishment to the harsh badlands beyond. By the time Pathfinder Ryder first arrives, however, this status quo is being threatened by a rival Outlaw group known as the Collective, which seeks to take control of Kadara Port for themselves.

Layout Edit

Notable port locations include:

  • Kadara Docks
  • Kadara Market
  • Kralla's Song
  • Outcast Headquarters

Below Kadara Port is located the Kadara Slums.

Kadara Port is also the location of one of the Research Centers on Kadara.

Residents Edit

Missions Edit

The following Priority Ops missions take place or are acquired in Kadara Port:

The following Allies and Relationships missions take place or are acquired in Kadara Port:

The following Heleus Assignments missions take place or are acquired in Kadara Port:

The following Additional Tasks take place or are acquired in Kadara Port:

Datapads Edit

Datapad on the Kadara Docks:

Cargo Manifest
ID Number: 469778321
Manifest Tracking Number: 002682344 KAD
Consignee: Annea
Vessel Name: Vatvagr
Point of Loading: Kadara
Point of Unloading: Elaaden

Water Vats - 600 lbs
Salvage - 300 lbs
Adhi Skins - 20 lbs
Parsec Pies "For the On-the-Go Space Traveler": Simulated Apple Flavor - 5 lbs

Note: If Annea asks why it's five pounds of pocket pies instead of six, tell her that they were damaged in transit. - CD

Cargo Manifest
ID Number: 572492115
Manifest Tracking Number: 003157728 KAD
Consignee: Big Taran
Vessel Name: The Svalinn
Point of Loading: Elaaden
Point of Unloading: Kadara

Scrap Metal - 500 lbs
Ammunition - 200 lbs
Grenades - 50 lbs
Kaerkyn Shells - 10 lbs

Cargo Manifest
ID Number: 739238733
Manifest Tracking Number: 007334257 KAD
Consignee: Elora Narantis
Vessel Name: Tavura's Gain
Point of Loading: H-047C
Point of Unloading: Kadara

Waived. Approved By: Dalton, Colt

Cargo Manifest
ID Number: 814751223
Manifest Tracking Number: 008352230 KAD
Consignee: Umi Henon
Vessel Name: N-342 "Red Eye"
Point of Loading: Nexus
Point of Unloading: Kadara

Fresh Ice - 120 lbs
Strawberry Cider - 40 lbs
Andromeda Ale - 40 lbs
Dirty Squirrel - 20 lbs

Cargo Manifest
ID Number: 829388126
Manifest Tracking Number: 008259276 KAD
Consignee: Kaetus
Vessel Name: N-676 "Albatross"
Point of Loading: Nexus
Point of Unloading: Kadara

 Horosk - 40 lbs
 Peanut Butter - 9 oz
 Vid - "Saving Mads Maximus" - 4oz

Note: Deliver straight to Outcast HQ

Datapads located in the Kadara Market:

Best Booze in Universe Has Moved!

Those jerks shut me down and kicked me out of Kadara Port. If you want *real* booze, not the wash they serve here, come to my secret stash spot. If you dare... dun-dun-dun.


Personal Log: Ado
New entry: Saw an asari placing cameras around the port. Little things. Hard to find, hard to see. Must be a Collective operative. The Charlatan's eyes and ears.

Asked Shelly if I should tell Sloane's guards. She said it would only bring trouble. Probably right. Don't want to get caught up in the crossfire. Better to keep a low profile.


Personal Log: Jun-seo Noh
(Detailed Drawing of a Manta)

New entry: For the first time in... I guess 600 years, I feel like I can breathe. Sure, the air smells like shit, but I've got a roof over my head and food in my gut. No more running. No more Armageddon planet after Armageddon planet. I can finally just... explore. That was the whole point, right?

I'm gonna start with figuring out the migration patterns of those Manta creatures. Maybe Ligyr knows. This is her home planet after all.


Datapads located in the Outcast Headquarters:

Dispatch: Sloane Kelly

Keep an eye on Kaetus. Cranky bastard doesn't know the meaning of "bed rest" and I need him to make a full recovery. He's to do whatever the doctor says. No excuses.

And before you tell me playing nurse isn't in your job description, I don't give a shit.


The following datapad is only available if Ryder sides with Reyes Vidal during High Noon:

Personal Log: Emma Vogt
New entry: Sloane's turian is locked in the holding cells. I almost feel bad for the guy. First he gets the shit kicked out of him, then Sloane gets offed while he's out of commission. Refused to eat. Doesn't sleep. Just... stares off into space. There's loyalty and then there's whatever the hell he's feeling.


Personal Log: Shylasia Rorna
New entry: First official day as an Outcast. Supposed to meet with Kaetus in an hour. Zetha says he's a major hard ass, but he was nice enough during my recruitment. For a turian anyway. I'll just make sure not to be late.

Update: Never mind. They were right. Major hard ass.


Report: Quartermaster McAfee

I caught two more recruits rifling through the stock. We need locks. Don't give a shit if it sends a message of distrust. I don't trust them. Three crates of good ale have gone missing this month alone. One of these assholes is to blame. We might all wear the same colors, but these rookies aren't of the same caliber as you and me.


If Ryder frees Vehn Terev during Hunting the Archon, this datapad will appear near the tunnel that Ryder uses:

Report: Superintendent Tauris

Tell Kaetus, it wasn't negligence on our part. Checked the security log. Whoever busted that Vehn guy out knew the access code. Can't do much to protect against that, unless they want to put in the money for more guards. In the meantime, I've changed the codes again.


Terminals Edit

Terminal entry located in the Outcast Headquarters:

Prisoner Record: Gartan Pala
Species: Salaran
Date of birth: 2165
Birth Place: Sur'Kesh
Reason for incarceration: Treason (aiding and abetting the Collective)
Prisoner ID: #84
Remarks: Codename "Lacerta." A representative of the Charlatan. Committed suicide before final sentencing.

Prisoner Record: Tesi Fasynth
Species: Asari
Date of birth: 1861
Birth Place: Illium
Reason for incarceration: Smuggling
Prisoner ID: #83
Remarks: Tried to bypass mandatory tax. Sentenced to three broken fingers.

Prisoner Record: Vehn Terev
Species: Angara
Date of birth: Unknown
Birth Place: Claims Voeld
Reason for incarceration: Treason (aiding and abetting kett)
Prisoner ID: #85
Remarks: High pain tolerance, even for a spy. Four interrogation sessions and still no useable data on the kett. Sentenced to death by Sloane Kelly

Terminal entries in the jail on the Kadara Docks:

Concerning the Collective
Unless given explicit orders to do otherwise, no one is to engage potential Collective members in Kadara Port. Yes, Sloane and I are aware they have operatives and recruiters in Kralla's and the market. Yes, we are going to do something about it—when the time is right. The Outcasts enjoy our current position because Sloane made the right move at the right time. It'll be the same when we decide to get rid of the Collective.

That being said, if you're outside the cease-fire zone, feel free to blast the bastards. Spirits know they deserve it.


No Angaran Recruits
Our recruiters have reported a number of angara interested in joining our ranks. Some of you have even encouraged them. Stop. At least for right now, the Outcasts are for exiles only. Not all angara are happy about our rise to power. Until we know that our "new friends" can be trusted, they are not Outcast material.


Outcast Code of Conduct
Been getting a lot of reports lately about misconduct towards the locals. These actions will not be tolerated. Sloane's trying to build a better Heleus. One the Nexus promised, but failed to deliver. Wearing Outcast colors means you represent her. And I won't have anyone representing Sloane dishonorably. Since it seems like we've all got different meanings of honor, I've made a code of conduct. Follow it or deal with me.

1. No disrespect towards Sloane or your fellow Outcasts.
2. Public beatings are for disciplinary measures only.
3. Drunkenness is fine to an extent.
4. Don't antagonize the angara, but don't let them get away with shit either.
5. You got a friend interested in joining the Outcasts? Great. Send them to the recruiter. All new members must go through proper channels.
6. No unauthorized contact with the Nexus.
7. No association with the Collective.
8. No sleeping on shift.
9. No fucking on shift. Off shift, do whatever you want. But I don't want to know about it.
10. Protection fees are non-negotiable. All fees must be collected on time. Don't charge more or less.

If anything is unclear, see me, but none of this should be hard.


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