Location: Andromeda / Heleus Cluster / Govorkam / Kadara

Kadara Slums is a area located beneath Kadara Port on Kadara that is ruled by Outcasts.

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Notable slums locations include:

  • Tartarus Bar

Above the Kadara Slums is Kadara Port.

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The following Priority Ops missions take place or are acquired in Kadara Slums:

  • None

The following Allies and Relationships missions take place or are acquired in Kadara Slums:

  • None

The following Heleus Assignments missions take place or are acquired in Kadara Slums:

The following Additional Tasks take place or are acquired in Kadara Slums:

Datapads Edit

Sanjiv Clement: Last Words
Delaney Roos, the exile, took me from the Nexus against my will. When I wouldn't cooperate, she and her friends beat me and left me here to die. I have no way to contact anyone. I hope my mates on Nexus make it. Damn the exiles.

Sanjiv Clement

Datapad in Tartarus bar:

All Tartarus Staff
Upstairs private room is now occupied, so you'll have to find a new place to nap. Bring the gentleman whatever he asks. Tab is under Vidal.


Report: Mineral Survey

Based on the latest data, I suggest investing in baryte. Market's going to be flooded with sulfur and when the mining starts, baryte's the perfect weighing agent.

If you want to collect samples, there's a deposit in Draullir.


Terminals Edit

Found in a shipping crate above Dr. Ryoto Nakamoto's clinic.

Personal Log 1: Ryota Nakamoto
New entry: The clinic is finally up and running. Well, "clinic" is a strong word. It's a shipping container that I scrubbed until my hands were raw. But it's the best I could do.

I've no credits, very little supplies, and zero friends, but the people down here need me. Everywhere I look there's disease or someone injured. I knew life outside the Port was bad, but this is worse than I expected.

It's the perfect place for me to atone.


Personal Log 2: Ryota Nakamoto
New entry: There's an oblivion den just around the corner. Against my better judgement, I tried to appeal to the guards to lower their dosage. All I received for my efforts was a punch in the stomach.

I hope they don't harass the clinic. I'm barely keeping it afloat as it is.


Personal Log 2: Ryota Nakamoto
New entry: This morning I discovered someone mysteriously wired credits to my omni-tool. I think it's the same anonymous donor who keeps leaving supplies in the clinic.

I asked Kian, the bartender at Tartarus, who my benefactor might be. He thinks it's the Charlatan. Apparently, it's common for the Collective to give gifts to potential recruits. I've no interest in joining them—I didn't quit Sloane's gang to join another—but I'm in no position to refuse supplies. As long as they keep coming, I'll keep using them.


Terminal in the guard room:

Conduct Complaint: Gess

You need to talk to Gess. I don't know where she's driving. I don't know what she's getting into. But every time she comes back from the badlands, I swear the rover's on fire and missing two wheels.

This last time, I tried to tell her to cool it. She just scoffed and said "fix my shit, bitches." I know we're all basically pirates out here, but there's still something to be said for a little decorum.



Heads up
Sending down another group who couldn't pay their fees. Help the warden get them through processing. They're a rowdy bunch.


Report: Tartarus

I checked out Tartarus for Collective activity. Just a bunch of drunks and second-rate dancers.

That being said, I should probably scope it out again tonight. Best to be thorough.


Terminal in the Tartarus Bar:

To: Kian Dagher
From: Reyes Vidal

Thanks for the terminal and the room. As always, you're a king among men.


Re: Thanks
To: Reyes Vidal
From: Kian Dagher

King among men? Hardly. It's not like I gave you them for free. But you're welcome all the same. See you for drinks later.

Job for you
To: Reyes Vidal
From: Lachlan Faulkner

Mr. Vidal,

Word around Kadara Port is you're a man who can acquire and deliver items quickly and discreetly. I have need of such a man. Write me back if you're interested.


Re: Job for you
To: Lachlan Faulkner
From: Reyes Vidal

I'm sure we can work something out. Meet me at Kralla's tomorrow night. I like to meet my clients face to face.

Until then, please don't send any details through mail. I make it a practice not to leave a paper trail.


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