Sergeant Kaira Stirling is a security officer at Port Hanshan, on Noveria. The ERCS guards jokingly dub her their "secret weapon", as she is a biotic.

Mass Effect Edit

Kaira Stirling is encountered by Commander Shepard near the entrance to Port Hanshan, as part of a security detail with Captain Maeko Matsuo. She is unimpressed by Shepard's arrival, and does not believe that the Commander is a human Spectre. She is even suspicious of Shepard's Alliance Navy rank, saying it is at least two weeks until the next naval patrol is due. She demands the Commander and the squad turn over their weapons upon their arrival at Port Hanshan: the confrontation becomes hostile until Gianna Parasini manages to defuse it by confirming Shepard's Spectre status. Nevertheless, Stirling remains aggressive and rude towards Shepard.

If Shepard aids Lorik Qui'in in retrieving corruption evidence against Administrator Anoleis, Stirling reappears at the Synthetic Insights office after Shepard has been forced to kill several corrupt Port Hanshan guards. Stirling proclaims that regardless of the alleged corruption, and Spectre or not, Shepard is a cop killer. The squad can offer an opinion on Stirling's shaky moral high ground before the conversation turns to combat and Stirling is killed.

Tactics Edit

  • As an offensive biotic, Stirling is the high-priority target in her initial 3-man squad. She usually attempts to unleash a talent at the end of your confrontational dialogue, so beat her to the punch and dispose of her first.
    • As she is at the center of her team, any area-effect talent or weapon modded with the right upgrades aimed at her can hit all three of them at once. A sniper rifle modded with High Explosive rounds will send her and her cronies flying into the nearby walls and ceiling, effectively taking her out of the fight for a while assuming she survives the hit in the first place.
  • If available, use Neural Shock or Throw against Kaira as soon as the fight starts. This will immobilize her before she can get off a single attack, making the fight considerably easier.
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