“Don't be so hostile, babe.”

Kalinda T'Reve is an asari aristocrat. She is a former girlfriend of Pelessaria B'Sayle (nicknamed Peebee), and the two joined the Andromeda Initiative together. According to Peebee, Kalinda worked as an ambassador but was disillusioned with her life in high society. She apparently got her thrills through her relationship with Peebee. Eventually, the Initiative sought her out as a first contact specialist.

As an individual vital to the Initiative's success, she was among the first wave of the Nexus brought out of stasis. Kalinda had Peebee woken up from cryo off the books and used her influence to get her identification documents and vital resources. She and Peebee had an on and off emotionally abusive relationship, with Kalinda stringing Peebee along. Eventually, Kalinda disappeared at about the same time Peebee began studying Remnant ruins.

Kalinda meets with Peebee again at her Nexus apartment. Ever the troublemaker, Kalinda delights in getting a rise out of Peebee. Before being escorted out by Pathfinder Ryder for trespassing, Kalinda takes an interest in Peebee's Observer, Poc.

Later on it is revealed that Kalinda has become the boss of a crew of Outlaws and they have been collecting Remnant technology that Peebee has been targeting. At some point, Kalinda sneaks aboard the Tempest while Peebee was away and steals Poc. Kalinda doesn't take good care of Poc and ends up breaking it. She leaves it behind in one of her abandoned sites in the Paradise Sands region but not before leaving a taunting audio log in Poc for Peebee to find.

Sometime later, Kalinda competes with Peebee to obtain a Remnant programming device on Pas-10, revealing that she had hidden a tracking device within Poc.. At some point during their race to the device, Kalinda's life was in peril and Peebee abandons the Remnant device in an attempt to save her life. Ryder can choose to shoot Kalinda so Peebee will focus on recovering the device or let Peebee sacrifice the device in order to rescue Kalinda; for the latter decision, Peebee will backhand Kalinda as they make their escape. If Kalinda's life is saved, she gives Peebee and the Tempest crew her entire Remnant technology collection as she promised. She gives a parting note to Peebee, telling her that she is in her debt, and that her crew won't bother her anymore.

If Peebee saved her life, Kalinda will be an ally during Meridian: The Way Home.

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