“We built her for this. She deserves to be in a Pathfinder's hands. Please, come by anytime.”

Kallo Jath is the pilot of the starship Tempest, having served in that role since its early prototype days. He narrates the Andromeda Initiative's introductory briefing to the ND1 Nomad and Tempest vehicles.

Background Edit

Kallo Jath was born on Sur'Kesh, where he was pushed towards a lucrative but dull bureaucratic career with Parohe Aerospace. Kallo became more interested in flying the starships he was meant to be cataloguing. He eventually left Sur'Kesh for formal pilot training and joined Parohe's competitor as a test pilot. Parohe Aerospace's fervent disparagement of Kallo piqued Jien Garson's interest and in time, Kallo was recruited to join the Initiative's Tempest design team, where he test-flew early prototypes.

Having invested so much effort in designing the Tempest, Kallo was the only member of the Tempest design team to make the trip to Andromeda so he can bear witness to how the Tempest fared when in active service. He sees Andromeda as a new and exciting place, where he hopes his race can leave behind the stereotypes of the Milky Way. When speaking to Pathfinder Ryder, Kallo expresses loneliness at the disappearance of the salarian ark.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Edit

During the exploration of the Heleus Cluster Kallo and Gil Brodie bicker about the modifications Gil has been making to the Tempest. Kallo believes that Gil is disrespecting the planning and effort his team made to perfect the design of the Tempest while Gil believes that his redesigns are necessary to adapt to the problems of the Pathfinder's mission. Ryder can side with either Kallo or Gil.

Eventually, Kallo offers an olive branch to Gil by offering him the Tempest's schematics that he committed to memory. Gil and Kallo find common ground in appreciating the artistry of the Tempest's design and working together to innovate the Tempest.

Correspondence Edit

Received upon returning to the Tempest after activating the remnant vault on Eos:

Tempest Hacks
To: Ryder
From: Kallo

Hello Ryder,

I'm pleased to report the Tempest is operating at peak efficiency. So, now that you're in command, I thought I'd share a few secret shipboard hacks that the designers and I sneaked into her code. Just send the code JCSB through your omni-tool to open the debug command menu.

-GiveAllDispen: lets you use the coffee dispenser in the galley an unlimited number of times
-WaterTempOverride: overrides the normal hot water ration in the showers
-JumpWashQueue: puts your clothing ahead of everyone else's in the auto laundry cycle.

Enjoy! And don't share them around.


Received after rescuing the Moshae:

Stress tests
To: Ryder
From: Kallo

Hello Ryder,

Quite the rescue! The Tempest isn't intended for these kinds of operations, but she's performing splendidly. Not that I encourage you risking your life for stress tests or anything. Still, well done.

I spoke to the Moshae when I happened past medbay. She left an impression, I must say. Patient, but remarkably driven. It's easy to see how she withstood the pressures of torture, and that... place.
Sometimes I wonder what my people could do with a bit more time to be patient.


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