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Master thief Kasumi Goto has a problem: A ruthless arms dealer named Donovan Hock killed her partner, Keiji Okuda, and stole Okuda's graybox, a neural implant that stores memories and information. Kasumi has planned a daring heist to recover Okuda's graybox and has asked for help in pulling it off. Once this is done, Kasumi can dedicate all her attention to completing Shepard's mission.


This mission is acquired after recruiting Kasumi on the Citadel. Like Zaeed: The Price of Revenge, this mission doesn't require the mission on Horizon to be completed first.

Head to Bekenstein in the Boltzmann system of the Serpent Nebula cluster to begin.


The combat portions of this mission are substantially more difficult than in most other loyalty missions, between the unusually high number of enemies in most encounters and the lack of a third squad member. The enemies here are mostly shielded, and the tech-oriented classes will have additional innate advantages. Energy Drain makes a useful bonus power since there are several long firefights in which ammo can become an issue if you're only carrying two weapons.

Since Kasumi is the one and only squad member for this mission, a key aspect of preparation involves deciding when to undertake it. If you're playing a "pistol only" class and are seeking an alternative SMG, you may be tempted to do this mission very early, since doing so unlocks a very good one.

Although you won't be offered the usual pre-mission weapons selection screen, you will have an opportunity to pick your weapons loadout before the main combat portion of the mission begins. The M-622 Avalanche makes an excellent heavy weapon choice for this mission as its large area of effect and crowd control properties can substantially reduce the difficulty of some otherwise tough engagements. The M-100 Grenade Launcher is a reasonable alternative.


Traveling to the Party[]

Kasumi briefs Shepard on the mission.

Only Shepard and Kasumi take part in this mission. On the ride over you can ask about your cover—either Solomon or Alison Gunn, depending on Shepard's gender—and your new formal attire (which becomes a casual outfit option following this mission). Kasumi will go over the plan and every detail of it. In a nutshell: you will be going to a party at Hock's house, which will feature some of the biggest scumbags in the galaxy. You and Kasumi will break into Hock's vault and grab the graybox of Kasumi's deceased partner and lover, Keiji, which literally contains a snapshot of his brain. You will bring in a tribute in the form of a statue of Saren, which actually conceals your weapons and armor. Once inside you will arm up, break into the vault, obtain the graybox and leave Hock's complex.

At the Party[]

When you arrive at the entrance to the party, one of the Eclipse guards takes some issue with your gift and begins scanning it, which brings Hock out. Respond in any way you wish, then the guard turns up nothing and Hock lets you proceed in but insists that your friend (Kasumi) must stay outside, because Hock doesn’t like the way she looks. Respond to that and Kasumi will pull you aside and is understanding of why she must wait outside. Then Kasumi activates her cloak and heads inside with you.

Kasumi and Shepard arrive at the party.

When you are inside move through the party and enjoy yourself while you can. While walking around the party, guests will comment on various missions that you have or haven't completed yet. If Zaeed's loyalty mission was previously done then some party guests will comment on either Vido Santiago's escape or death.

When you reach the end of the corridor off to the left is a security office that Kasumi says you will need to get access to eventually. Then she reminds you about the vault so move on. Hock is currently unavailable for talking at the moment so move out onto the deck and read a datapad. Apparently there is a Chief Roe in charge and Kasumi says that if you can get into the guards' communications it would help. See below.

Heading back inside there is a door that leads to Hock private quarters and is guarded by a merc, Samuels. You can’t get in yet so move to the vault on the lower level.

Getting Into the Vault[]

When you get close to the door, Kasumi decloaks and examines the vault door. After examining it closely, she says that three things are needed: cut the power to the kinetic barrier, get samples of Hock's DNA from his private quarters for the DNA scanner, and record a voice sampling so Kasumi can reconstruct the password using a programmed version of Hock's voice.

Voice Lock[]

Kasumi records Hock's bloviating monologue.

Go talk to Hock; follow Kasumi's advice and keep him talking. Use the Paragon or Renegade options to draw Hock into giving a speech, giving Kasumi plenty of material. If you don't have enough morality points, you will have to use the correct dialogue options to keep him talking long enough to get a sample. Head to the security office and Kasumi will decloak, bypass the lock and take out the two Eclipse mercs in the room. Once they fall, Kasumi will say to look around. Access the Wall Safe (+7200 credits) and the medical station next to it for medi-gel. On the other side of the room is a Datapad with the password for the lock. You can now bypass the voice scanner.


Hock's Apartment - watch for alarms!

To obtain Hock's DNA you need to get into his private rooms. You have two options for this; one involves subterfuge, and the other, brute force.

The subtle method requires convincing the guard (Samuels) outside Hock's quarters to let you in. Before he will allow you access, he will want to verify your access with the head of Hock's private security team (Chief Roe). You will need to enter the Security Room (left of where Hock is standing), take out two Eclipse guards, and read the datapad on the desk. The datapad has the password ("Peruggia"), and after reading it, Kasumi will say she has tapped into the guards' communications. While you're at it, access the Wall Safe and medical station nearby.

Before returning to speak with the guard, walk onto the balcony. There is a Datapad next to a couple sitting on the railing on the side opposite Hock's quarters. It contains a message from Samuels declining some sort of invitation to sneak away from the party. After this, Kasumi will radio and prompt you to speak with the guard again, urging you to tell him Roe sent you. Then, when talking to Samuels, say you have clearance and he will call Chief Roe. Kasumi will tap into the conversation, pretending to be the security chief, and provide you access. Head down the stairs and into the bedroom. If you didn't examine the datapad on the terrace, then the dialogue option for verification with Chief Roe will not appear.

Also, if you did examine the datapad, but didn't raid the security office yet, the option to ask Samuels to check with Chief Roe will be available, but it won't work as the real Roe answers Samuels and tells him she's never heard of you. However, failing in this way doesn't preclude you from trying again after you raid the office and Kasumi taps into the merc comms, you just have to be a little insistent with Samuels and Kasumi pretends to be an annoyed Roe who tells Samuels to let you in and to stop bothering her.

A trio of bored guards by the brute force route

The brute force option is to break into the bedroom from the balcony outside. Head outside and towards the right side nearest the bedroom (the opposite side of the balcony where Chief Roe's datapad is found). There will be a prompt, "Balcony Railing", where you can jump down. When you land Kasumi decloaks and now you have to fight three Eclipse guards that are outside the building. There is little cover so use your pistol and powers to take out the guards.

  • The guards are facing away from you and will not initially turn. You can get as far as the window ledge, but as soon as you shoot or smash the window, they will be alerted. You must eliminate the guards to proceed, you can't climb through the broken window into Hock's quarters until they are dealt with.
  • If you sneak up (i.e., just walk) to the guard furthest from the window and hit him with melee from behind, it is likely he will fall screaming off the cliff and be instantly killed.

When they are down, head up the fallen panel and onto the ledge. Shoot out the window and head inside. Be warned that because you snuck in, if you activate the alarm clock in Hock's bedroom it will summon two more guards. Note: To get all the credits, first head to the security office and go either way you choose because both will be available. Kasumi recommends the quick and quiet approach, and that's good advice.

There are a lot of scannable items in Hock's bedroom. There are multiple copies of some things (namely the couches and plants) but each type of item can only be scanned once. Note that you can't scan again until Kasumi or you are done commenting on the previous scan.

  • Couches: 1 credit chit
  • Wineglass: DNA
  • Ashtray: Nothing
  • Plants: Nothing
  • Papers: Gives details on how Hock has been trying to crack graybox, he hasn’t yet.
  • Bypass the Wall Safe (+7800 credits) (Warning: failing the bypass summons the guards)
  • Antique weapons set: DNA (Kasumi says it may be contaminated, but it will count)
  • Keyboard: Nothing
  • Datapad: DNA
  • Alarm Clock: Wakeup call, which will summon guards to attack you if you broke in through the window.
  • Pillow: Nothing

When you have enough, Kasumi will say when. Leave and head back up. If you snuck in through the balcony, and didn't activate the alarm clock during your search, you will have to fight two guards on the way out. If you are able to knock one out a window, he will fall out screaming.

Lights Out[]

The barrier power coils are along the floor to the right when you exit the vault. Kasumi will reset your omni-tool to scan for the power source. Head up the stairs ahead and around until you reach the fireplace. Pull the statue on the wall and that will disable the barrier.

When you have completed all three tasks head back to the vault and bypass the security systems.

Note: You will now have your first opportunity of the mission to select your weapons loadout.

The Vault[]

Donovan Hock's vault with various objects, including the head of the Statue of Liberty

Kasumi will disable the security while Shepard straps on armor and both grab weapons. As you emerge into the vault Kasumi will trace the signal from the box and you can admire some of the works. Among them are Michelangelo's David, a krogan statue, a rachni queen statue, a turian sculpture, a statue of a Creature, a scale statue of the Kara (known as 'the turian Titanic'), some old quarian stone tablets, an ancient Egyptian statue, a Prothean statue, and the head of the Statue of Liberty.

After examining the Statue of Liberty's Head, there is a Codex entry which details how it got detached in the first place. The Michelangelo's David sculpture found in Hock's vault appears to be a little worse for wear in certain areas. In the inaccessible area of Hock's art gallery behind Liberty's head, there appear two pieces of art that resemble miniature mass relays similar to the mass relay monument found in the Citadel's Presidium.

Hock, the great and powerful

On the table with the graybox are a pair of M-12 Locust submachine guns. Grab the graybox to progress, Kasumi starts to crack it and a holographic head of Hock threatens the two of you. Use a Renegade interrupt to shut Hock up while Kasumi cracks the graybox. Now Hock calls on his guards to attack. Chief Roe is among them. Use the cover and take them out, but be careful, as Roe's Eclipse troopers will try to flank you and they also throw Flashbang Grenades that can blind, damage, and stun you, while Roe herself attacks with Combat Drones and Incinerate.

Combat Strategy: Approaching this fight conventionally can be very risky due to the number of enemies pinning you down and the danger of being stunned out of cover by drones, Incinerates, and grenades, but it's doable. Slightly to the left of the initial starting cover is one of the best places to be for the whole battle (the krogan statue on the pedestal will be to your right). Chief Roe will stay in cover launching Incinerate bolts and Combat Drones towards you but the Combat Drones get stuck on the wall in front of you and aren't able to land their attacks while you remain in cover; time your shots in between the drone attacks to eliminate them, or use Kasumi's Overload if necessary. Some of the remaining mercs move around erratically but will also take cover eventually. Kasumi can draw some fire and give Shepard a chance to pop out from cover to attack but she has a tendency to die on higher difficulty levels; thus, an effective way to both eliminate enemies and keep Kasumi alive is to have her use her Shadow Strike power constantly as it grants her temporary invulnerability and she can return from delivering the attack with full shields again, though you will have to get used to manually ordering her to take cover again after each strike. Even if she can't kill the target in one blow she will do substantial damage and often stun it. This level contains quite a lot of medi-gel including a dispenser in this very room, so if she goes down while the enemies are still numerous go ahead and revive her. Kasumi will come back to life after the battle so no need to waste medi-gel if you're down to the last couple enemies.

Alternative Strategy: An effective way to make this fight much easier is unleash a heavy weapon right at the start while the enemies are all packed together in the bottleneck of the doorway. The best weapons for this strategy are either the M-622 Avalanche or the M-100 Grenade Launcher as their shots stagger enemies, and in the case of the Avalanche freeze them solid for a long time if they get hit without shields or armor. Having Kasumi hit them all with an Overload as they are all clustered in the doorway can soften up shielded enemies and overheat the weapons of unshielded ones making your life even easier. Roe possesses armor and is the hardest to bring down but if you take out the majority of the other enemies with heavy weapon fire she's much easier to handle.

Getting Out[]

Head toward the door that the mercs came out of, be sure to grab medi-gel from the medical station to the left of the door before you walk through the door. After you exit the room, you can change out your arsenal at a weapons locker on the left.

Combat Tip: Before you access the door into the next section, keep in mind that accessing weapons lockers completely refills conventional ammo for all weapons. Make sure to access the weapons locker now before the upcoming battle to refill your ammo for free as the locker becomes unavailable after starting the next encounter.

Go through the next door and quickly take cover, because you will come under attack almost instantly from more Eclipse Troopers and an YMIR Mech. Take out the first two Eclipse Troopers then hop into cover, the YMIR will not enter your part of the garage, so you can sit back and take it down at your leisure. Once the YMIR falls, move up and take out the remaining mercs, which can include an Eclipse Engineer and an Eclipse Vanguard. Once you get far enough down the driveways, Hock will seal you in, so head up the stairs to the right and through the door. Hack the PDA (+4200 credits) on the floor before you leave.

Note: The weapons locker becomes usable again after you clear out all of the enemies in the area, and you either save your game and reload it, or you move far enough into the room to hear Hock's voice line about sealing you in. This can be a handy way of refilling your thermal clips.

At the other end of this hallway are eight more YMIR Mechs in storage, though thankfully none will activate. Move up to the next door and take cover, because there are more Eclipse Troopers and an Eclipse Heavy in this room. This room holds even more YMIR Mechs in storage and several missiles that will keep traveling overhead. Eventually you reach a point where you need to blow some tanks, but Eclipse Troopers and some LOKI Mechs won’t make it easy. Take the mercs down before approaching the parked M-080's mass accelerator weapon.

Combat Tips: If you get into trouble, firing the cannon will instantly kill almost every enemy in the room.

  • Using Adrenaline Rush, Tactical Cloak, or Tech Armor you could run past the some of the enemies and trigger the cannon to wipe them all out. Very useful on higher difficulties, though rushing past all the enemies at once is only recommended with Tactical Cloak - others should winnow the pack a bit first.
  • If you are an Engineer, you can place Kasumi into cover close to the tanks, drop a Combat Drone, and then make a run for the cannon as the door is opening. They should draw enough fire, even on Insanity to make it to the cannon and wipe out the back-up units.
  • Some Heavy Weapons and the M-98 Widow are also powerful enough to take out the tanks.
Nothing is true, everything is permitted - Kasumi about to off someone stealthily

Before you activate the M-080's mass accelerator weapon (if you didn't use it during the battle), there are several items to collect in this area. Near the M-080's cannon is a crate of Refind Platinum (+1000 platinum), salvageable Spare Parts (+4800 credits) and a med-kit with medi-gel. In the LOKI mech room next to the explosive tanks is another salvageable Spare Parts (+1200 credits).

When you're ready, activate the M-080's mass accelerator weapon to explode the tanks. Hock doesn’t sound too happy over the intercom as you move through the hole in the wall.

Warning: When you drop down into the next area you are unable to go backwards. Save before you drop down into the next section.

When you drop down through the hole in the wall turn right and take cover. More Eclipse Troopers, an Eclipse Heavy, and another YMIR Mech will be coming down on the attack, so use cover and take them all out.

Combat Tip: The YMIR will be unable to advance on your position much like your prior encounter with one. Staying on that small crate cover next to the door you dropped down from looking down the long hallway and you can eliminate all of the mercs and the YMIR with ease, or move to the left behind the truck and you'll be out of the YMIR's line of fire entirely.

When the mercs are all down, move up, but take note of the cover as a truck will pull up with two more Eclipse Troopers, an Eclipse Vanguard, and an Eclipse Heavy on it. Move as you need to in order to take them out. Note: Use of an Engineer's Combat Drone in the prior segment of the battle may induce them to move forward and join the fray early.

Once they are down, head for the door. You'll find a Tech Damage research upgrade on a Dead Merc to the left of the door and a med-kit with medi-gel to the right of the door.

Warning: When you enter the door into the next area the door will slam shut behind you and you are unable to go backwards. Save before you open the door into the next section.

As you enter the next room, Hock will tell his forces to keep you busy, as he will handle the situation himself. You will encounter Eclipse Troopers, an Eclipse Vanguard, and an Eclipse Heavy in here, so watch your step. You and Kasumi should both take refuge inside the large shipping container to the left after entering the room, as it gives you excellent protection from all enemies while still allowing you to stand. As you eliminate enemies, more mercs will arrive including an Eclipse Engineer and another Heavy. An additional Eclipse Vanguard sometimes spawns after the Engineer if you advance too slowly. Keep a close eye on any Vanguards as they sometimes approach your position.

Combat Tip: It's possible to prevent additional waves of enemies from spawning by having Kasumi or yourself in an advanced position closer to the exit door before killing the last enemies in the initial group. An active Combat Drone in a forward position can also accomplish this.

When you take out all the mercs, there are several items to collect in this area. You'll find some salvageable Spare Parts (+1800 credits), two crates of Refined Platinum (+500 platinum each, +1000 platinum total), a PDA (+1800 credits) on a truck, and a Storage Crate (+1200 credits). When you have everything, save your game before you head for the door.

Landing Platform[]

Landing platform - cue Mantis Gunship!

A cutscene plays showing Shepard and Kasumi exiting onto the landing platform. They are suddenly met with a hail of bullets as Hock appears in a fully armored A-61 Mantis Gunship with additional shielding. As they take cover they are met with a wave of mercs and LOKI mechs.

Combat Strategy: This is probably the most challenging fight in Kasumi's loyalty mission, as you will be attacked by mercs, LOKI mechs, and a gunship all at once. It is not a good idea for you and Kasumi to take cover where you begin the fight in the center of the landing platform, as enemy waves can spawn on your left or right and potentially flank you from either direction. Most critically, the crates in the middle area where you start do not offer reliable protection against the rockets fired by the gunship, and getting hit by said rockets staggers you out of cover and is usually a death sentence at higher difficulties. The optimal cover position for this fight is actually to the left of where you start. Here there are some crates near the rear wall that have respawning thermal clips on them making ammo not an issue for the fight, which will be a lengthy one especially if you are playing a "pistol-only" class. This left area is also much better cover against flanking attacks as well as the gunship. Kasumi is also afforded better protection in this area, as you can have her hold position against the high cover that is directly in front of your position, or behind the crates close to the leftmost edge of the area, whichever you feel works best.

Combat Tips:

  • The merc/mech waves arrive via three elevators: one to the left, one to the right, and one at the far edge of the area slightly to the left. Kasumi will usually issue a verbal warning when a wave is incoming and from what direction. Another helpful cue: a klaxon will sound and red warning lights will flash right above the elevator where enemies are about to arrive from. The first wave always arrives from the right side elevator.
  • Keep in mind that the gunship has two modes of fire: continuous machine gun/cannon, and two rockets in rapid succession. The rockets travel deceptively fast, deal high damage, and stun you out of cover so seeing them coming in time to take cover is a high priority.
  • There will be 1-2 LOKI mechs with many waves. Prioritize disabling and killing them over the other enemies as they will otherwise approach to point-blank range. On higher difficulties they also possess armor.
  • The ultimate goal of the first section of this battle is to reduce the shield on Hock's gunship to the point that he will have to retreat and recharge it, so once you've thinned out the mercs a bit start whittling the gunship down. This will reduce the amount of time you have to wait before Kasumi tells you she can disable its shields permanently.
  • Once the gunship returns with full shields, concentrate all of your effort on the mercs until Kasumi eliminates the gunship's shield, allowing you to begin working on its armor.
Kasumi vs

You will eventually be treated to a cutscene where Kasumi pulls off some amazing acrobatics and disables the gunship's shields.

There are two ways to get to the point the cutscene triggers where Kasumi takes down the shields on the gunship. There is a set dialogue string from Hock that you can let play out as you fight off recurring waves of guards, or you can skip some waves by taking down the shields yourself once, and allow Hock to re-appear with the shields recharged. Either way will lead to the cutscene and eventual final showdown. It also doesn't seem to matter that Kasumi might be down at this time, she will miraculously come back to life and perform her astonishing gymnastics, so save your medi-gel if you are close to this point. If Kasumi informs you she needs "a clear path to the gunship", it means that you must eliminate the remaining guards before she can disable the shield: do so as soon as possible or Hock may manage another shield recharge.

Following the cutscene, you will be returned to the original position from which you started the battle, regardless of where you moved during the battle, so if you prefer the cover to the left you will need to get over there once again. Meanwhile, Hock's gunship will now be like any other gunship that Shepard has encountered and can be killed. Keep chipping away at its armor until it is destroyed, although the priority is still any mercs or mechs on the ground that might flank you or drive you out of cover. The main challenge here is keeping the mercs safely under control while still finding time to chip away at the gunship, but remember you will have at least a brief window to line up shots on the gunship at the end of each wave, so if you're having trouble play it safe.

Note: It is not possible to fight fewer than three waves of enemies in this encounter, as the gunship's shields can only be disabled after the second wave is killed at the earliest. If you want to minimize the enemies you have to fight the key appears to be not clearing the enemy waves too fast; leave each wave with at least two enemies alive for a respectable amount of time before killing them off. Leave the first wave with at least two alive until you work down the gunship's shields, leave the second wave with at least two alive until Kasumi delivers her line about disabling the shields and until Hock taunts you, and leave the third wave with at least two alive until you can wear down the gunship's armor and destroy it. Killing too much of a wave or killing it too fast will either cause a new wave to immediately spawn, or it will cause the gunship to fly away and hide until the current wave is cleared out and a new wave spawns.

When the gunship is finally destroyed (along with Hock), Shepard's shuttle will arrive on the other side of the landing platform. Before entering the shuttle, be sure to scout around as there are three med-kits with medi-gel and a medical station near the entry door with even more. There are also some power cells next to the staircase leading up to the shuttle. Once you're ready to leave move up to the shuttle to leave the mission.

Shuttle Ride Back[]

Keiji's highly incriminating memories

The shuttle will touch down and on the ride back Kasumi will examine the graybox and be treated to memories of her time with Keiji, as well as a warning: if the information in his graybox were made public, the consequences for the Alliance could be severe. Images of what appear to be Reapers are seen in the first and third frames, interspersed within personal memories.

Kasumi has trouble letting go, and the scenes behind her show that their relationship was much more than professional. After the scene is over, you can persuade Kasumi to keep or destroy the box, with additional morality points available depending on your level of tact. Regardless of your decision, Kasumi will be loyal to you.

Mass Effect 3 Consequences[]

Kasumi returns in Mass Effect 3 during Citadel: Hanar Diplomat. If Shepard undertakes that mission, Kasumi will assist during the mission and afterwards will be recruited to work on the Crucible. She still appears if her loyalty mission wasn't done, but won't join the war effort.

Keiji's graybox memories become clearer in light of what's revealed in the aforementioned mission: he discovered that the Alliance raided a batarian lab studying Reaper tech, then covered it up as it would have led to an Alliance-batarian war.



Pvt. Reems:

No way we can sneak out of that party. The place is locked down tight, and Security Chief Roe's in charge. No way Roe would let that get past her.

I'd rather stand around bored on guard duty than risk her wrath. Sorry.



I have that problem, too. So many passwords around here, can't keep them straight. The password for tonight is *PERUGGIA*, so it's not even that easy to remember.

It's no big deal. That voice scanner means the password's only useful to Hock, anyway.

After this party, want to grab some beers? Let me know.


"Okuda" Decryption Project Update:

Little progress to report. We have now completed dictionary attacks using words and phrases from 4800 galactic languages. Research into the Okuda family has not produced any matches. It is unlikely that a random brute-force approach will produce a result within our lifetimes.

Given the nature of the graybox technology, it's possible that the decryption key may not be a password at all. It could be a memory, an emotion, even a smell -- the permutations could be infinite. I suggest that we begin investigating alternative methods for breaking through the security on the box.

Mission Summary[]

The heist was successful. Keiji Okuda's graybox was recovered and destroyed/remains in Kasumi Goto's possession.

Donovan Hock was killed in the destruction of his gunship. Kasumi is loyal.


  • The Creature statue is a reference to the Ogre monster found in Dragon Age: Origins, another BioWare game.[1][2]
  • The name of the achievement for completing this mission is "Broke, Blind, and Bedlam," which is a possible reference to Ocean's Eleven. In the film, the explosives expert, Basher, is tasked with throwing the power so the heist can take place. In response, he asks "Do you want broke, blind, or bedlam?" to which Danny Ocean says, "How about all three?"
    • As Kasumi covertly enters Donovan Hock's vault, she is seen in security camera footage for a few moments. However, the camera stutters, and Kasumi seems to vanish instantly. This scene may also be another reference to Ocean's Eleven, in which a similar scene occurs as a result of the team rigging the casino's security feed to display footage from an empty replica of the room they will actually be entering.
  • On a television, in the security room where Shepard learns the password for the vault, an image from Mass Effect Galaxy can be seen showing Nax firing his assault rifle.
  • Upon examining the head of the Statue of Liberty, Kasumi comments "Damn you, Hock!". This could be a reference to the film Planet of the Apes.
  • The password to Hock's vault, "Peruggia", is the last name of the person who stole the Mona Lisa. Kasumi herself is known to have acquired the painting centuries later.
  • Data files contain a rather thorough developer script of the mission's narrative progress and cutscenes.[3]

Cut Content[]

  • Cut journal entries allude to an alternate loyalty mission named Kasumi: Memento or Mori taking place on the Citadel. They mention a bio-research corporation, Nava Corp, which would manufacture a virus against the citizens of the Alliance while developing its only vaccine. Kasumi would have intended to foil that plan, as her "personal mission of justice."[4]
  • The Legendary Edition version of Mass Effect 2 contains the file that was used for the pre-recorded cutscene of Kasumi's briefing showing Hock's party. A few known characters appear at the party in that file, though they are not present in the playable mission: Citadel crook Elias Kelham and his lawyer Fred Mazzei, and Illium's shady merchant Pitne For.[5]
  • The DLC's text files contain many unused alternate versions of the mission's dialogues, among other things:
    • Shepard and Kasumi would have had a full conversation on board the Normandy to explain the mission's objectives.
    • Kasumi would have accompanied Shepard into the party while visible, as "Miss Kozou", though still wearing her hood.
    • The vault's voice password, instead of being synthesized with Hock's voice, would have required him to clearly pronounce "child supplier". Shepard would have needed to chat with Hock to make him say those words, separately if needed.
    • Hock's vault would have contained additional artefacts, such as an "Egyptian statue" and an "Apollo space suit."
    • During the gunship fight, Hock's taunts would have been more crude.[6]