Kate Bowman is a human engineer who works on Asteroid X57. Sister to security personnel Aaron Bowman, they were onboard the asteroid when it was prematurely sent to the vicinity of Terra Nova.

Mass Effect[edit | edit source]

Kate hides in the main facility with Aaron when batarian terrorists invaded the asteroid and activated the fusion torches that pushed it toward the colony. She furtively transmits distress calls which are picked up by the SSV Normandy. When the Mako lands, she calls Commander Shepard and provides intelligence throughout the assignment. Once two of the three fusion torches are deactivated her hiding place is found; Kate's brother is murdered by Balak, the leader of the terrorist group, when she refuses to tell him about Shepard.

Along with a few other hostages, Kate is imprisoned in an office containing an explosive. When Shepard confronts Balak, the batarian says he will detonate the explosive, killing the hostages, if the Commander does not let him go.

If Shepard chooses to save the hostages, Kate survives. She thanks the Commander for everything, but grieves the loss of her brother. She wants Shepard to remember her brother if the Commander crosses paths with Balak again.

Kate has a positive impression on some of the people she works with. Colleague Simon Atwell, who dubs her "Katie", describes her as a brilliant but headstrong person, and it is that stubbornness that got her brother killed. She attributes the trait as something that runs in the family, as her father was with the Alliance back on Earth.

Mass Effect 2[edit | edit source]

In 2185, news snippets on the Citadel report on Kate's death if Shepard never stopped the asteroid drop.

If Balak wasn't allowed to escape at the expense of his hostages, the news reports that Reverend Michael Bowman, her father, holds a ceremony for the lost workers on the asteroid.

If Kate survived, she sends the Commander the following message instead, titled "Glad you're okay."

From: Kate Bowman


I called in some favors and found out how to get you and what you're working on. We've got a big celebration planned for the anniversary of you and the others saving Terra Nova. Last year we added a memorial for you, too. I guess that was premature, huh?

I figure finding out who's attacking colonies is why you had to go undercover, so I won't invite you to come give a speech or anything. But I wanted you to know that all of us living on colonies are worried about what's happening in the Terminus Systems. And I'm really glad you're there to help. There's a lot of crazy military talk going around. I'm glad someone's there who's not going to take the easy way out.


Kate Bowman

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