Keenah'Breizh is a quarian crewmember of the ship Honorata, which is taking Tali'Zorah nar Rayya to Illium for her Pilgrimage.

Keenah lands with Tali on an unidentified ice planet in the Crescent Nebula to investigate the geth presence there. They disable a geth and extract its memory core, which contains a recording of a conversation between Saren Arterius and Matriarch Benezia discussing the recent attack on the human colony of Eden Prime and the coming of the Reapers. Tali convinces him that they should inform authorities on Illium about this information. They flee the planet when Commander Jacobus attacks.

At Illium, the docking officials refuse to allow the Honorata to dock because of their prejudice against quarians. This gives Jacobus enough time to land first and prepare an ambush, which kills the Honorata's crew except for Keenah and Tali. Unable to return to Honorata, the pair stow away on a transport ship bound for the Citadel, where they hope to give the geth recording to the Citadel Council.

The transport's crew discover the stowaways, but the captain decides to turn them over to C-Sec instead of killing them. They try to explain to Chellick that they have important information for the Council, but he ignores them and warns them to leave the station in the next day. After learning from Avina that there is a seven month wait for an audience with the Council, they are spotted by Jacobus, who chases them across the Citadel and mortally wounds Keenah. Cornered in an incinerator, Keenah can no longer keep up with Tali and dies. His body is destroyed when Tali activates the incinerator to kill Jacobus.

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