Kendo Holin is a freelancer salarian tech specialist recruited by Zaeed Massani in his mission to bring down the Verrikan.

According to Zaeed, Kendo Holin is a sadistic bastard smart enough not to antagonize people who pay him. The salarian is in the middle of torturing a human with an omni-tool when Zaeed comes up to him with the lucrative proposal involving the Verrikan. Holin expresses interest but requests Zaeed to wait while he finishes his "project" first.

Holin is present at Zaeed's briefing about the job along with two other recruits. The plan initially goes off without a hitch as the team manages to space jump from an Essenus fuel depot straight to one of the Verrikan's airlocks. Holin takes off his helmet expecting Zaeed's inside turian to open the inner airlock, but the turian is caught by the ship's security forces instead. The airlock chamber Holin's team is in is suddenly depressurized, sucking them all out to space. The salarian's team members manage to secure themselves on tether cables while Kendo Holin asphyxiates in the void.

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