Omega - kenn's salvage
Inventory Item Price / Discounted
Heavy Weapon Ammo 30,000 / 25,000
Nashan Stellar Dynamics
T6-FBA Couplings
500 / 416
Heavy Skin Weave 90,000 / 75,000
Shotgun Damage 60,000 / 50,000
Kenn's Salvage is a store on Omega. Owned and managed by the quarian Kenn, this store is located in Omega's Marketplace. The store sells salvaged tech and upgrades. If Shepard chooses to help Kenn leave Omega, his inventory is still available for purchase through the kiosk even though he is no longer there.

Discount Edit

Shepard can persuade Kenn to give them a discount through conversation. On the other hand, if that fails, then Shepard can ask Harrot to buy the place or just leave Kenn alone, and Harrot will give the Commander a discount at this place and at Harrot's own store.

Note: If Kenn leaves the station, through giving him 1000 credits, the discount will still be valid.

Assignments Edit

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