Keri T'Vessa is a journalist on the Nexus.

Background[edit | edit source]

Keri was the daughter of ambassadors and she spent her youth sailing around bays and going to diplomatic parties. When she decided to put down her cocktail and film one of those history-making sessions held by these diplomats, her parents disowned her, prompting her to sign on with the Andromeda Initiative.

Mass Effect: Andromeda[edit | edit source]

Keri contacts Pathfinder Ryder to request interviews at points during the Pathfinder's explorations of the Heleus Cluster. On assignment from Director Tann to record a propaganda piece about Ryder's adventures, Keri wishes to tell the truth about the Andromeda Initiative so far. Ryder has the option of how to frame both his/her and the Initiative's results thus far.

Romance[edit | edit source]

She is romanceable by both the male and female Pathfinder Ryder and will not care if they are already involved in another romance.

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