Kiiran Dals is an angaran lead scientist of Daar Pelaav located on Havarl.

Kiiran first encounters Ryder at Pelaav Research Station. Kiiran has a team of scientists that are stuck in a Remnant stasis field and needs Ryder to help free them while they are still alive. Ryder investigates the Remnant monolith and battles through the Remnant there to free the trapped scientists.

After Helping Havarl's Scientists, Kiiran speaks with Ryder about the decline of the eco system of Havarl.

Kiiran says that Havarl is having issues: uncontrolled mutations in the wildlife mean that the ecosystem is crumbling away. This appears to be an issue of having only two working monoliths. Assistant Torvar suggests asking the sages at Mithrava. Kiiran Dals scoffs at the idea, explaining how the sages are hermits that believe in isolating themselves from modern thought. Ryder is ultimately led by Kiiran to head to Mithrava for help in activating the remaining monolith.

When Ryder retrieves the lost Monolith and reactivate the Vault, Kiiran is in Daar Pelaav with First Sage Esmus and Taavos to congratulate the Pathfinder. For the first time in years, she is excited by the new discoveries around the reincarnation or "memory transfer" process and devotes resources in order to study it. Kiiran also invites people from the Andromeda Initiative to help the research station in monitoring Havarl's situation.

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