Kima District

Kima District is a neighborhood in Omega. This district is notable as the location of the Archangel's base. Kima shares a border with Gozu District.

Archangel's BaseEdit

The Archangel's Base is a three level building. Access to the building is through either the mid-level by a bridge, or the lower level by tunnels. The mid-level has a main room and a kitchen, while the lower level, or basement, has a utility room and a garage. The three passages leading into the basement are equipped with emergency shutter controls.

The history of this facility before Archangel repurposed it is not known. Starting in mid-2185, the Archangel uses the facility as a headquarters for his band of vigilantes. A major advantage of this facility is that anyone approaching will have to cross a bridge, and if they are an enemy agent, that individual can be taken down by sniper fire. However, to the Archangel's chagrin, this proves to be a double-edge sword as he learns after his band is annihilated and he is forced to take shelter in the facility. If he attempts to leave by this means, Archangel will be killed.


  • The station ID for this district is 776.
  • Nine of the eleven vigilantes are covered by burial shrouds in the facility. Four are in the main room on the mid-level, two are in the rear bedroom on the upper floor, and three are in the balcony quarters. As Sidonis escaped the massacre, the location of the last one is not known.
  • Several shuttles are parked in the garage. The symbol for the garage is the same as the one used at Rodam Expeditions and on Noveria. This symbol shows the front of a rover.
  • On the front of the facility, there is a large sign. The sign reads, Welcome - District B. It's not entirely clear what District B is.
  • Kima may be named for a species of spider, which is appropriate considering that the Archangel's base is a trap his enemies will not escape from.
  • This district is not accessible to the player after the mission Dossier: Archangel is completed.
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