A batarian refugee needs the Pillars of Strength to improve his people's morale. Find the pillars in the Kite's Nest and return them to him at the Citadel refugee camp.

Alternative journal entry:
The Pillars of Strength, a batarian artifact, were recovered from the Kite's Nest. Find someone on the Citadel who can use them.

Acquisition Edit

Listen to the batarian preacher who is standing near the entrance of Cargo Hold C in the Docks: Holding Area.

You can also acquire the mission and the artifact on conducting a Search and Rescue operation in the Kite's Nest cluster. This second way of acquisition is possible even before the Docks becomes available on the Citadel. In this case, its journal entry name is Citadel: Pillars of Strength.

Walkthrough Edit

Pillars of strength batarian
In the Harsa system, scan the batarian homeworld of Khar'shan, the second planet. Head back to the Citadel and talk to the batarian preacher, who will reward you for your efforts and thank you for restoring faith to his people.

Note: while the pillars can be retrieved as soon as you get free rein over the Normandy, you cannot hand them over to the preacher until after Priority: Palaven. The Docks only become available after that mission.

Getting the pillars back to the preacher gives you 15,000 credits, 5 Reputation, and updates the Batarian Fleet War Asset.

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