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Location: Milky WayHawking EtaCentury System Second planet


Klendagon is an arid terrestrial, slightly larger than Earth, but with a lower density that reflects its relative lack of heavier elements. The crust is composed of tin and aluminum, with wide deserts of dust-fine sand that are easily stirred by the wind.

Klendagon's most striking feature is, of course, the Great Rift valley that stretches across the southern hemisphere. What is most fascinating about the Rift is that it does not appear to be natural. The geological record suggests it is the result of a "glancing blow" by a mass accelerator round of unimaginable destructive power. This occurred some thirty-seven million years ago.

Mineral Deposits

Mass Effect 2

Initial Scanner Result: Rich

Mineral Amount Approximate Value
Palladium High 12,200
Platinum Medium 8,000
Iridium Medium 9,300
Element Zero None 0


The Great Rift from space

It is revealed by the Illusive Man that an Alliance Survey Team discovered that the Great Rift Valley was caused by a strike from a mass accelerator round. The original target of that round was the Derelict Reaper, which was hit and disabled 37 million years ago. No trace remains of the race that fired the round. However, he also indicates that both the weapon and the target have been located, mentioning in passing that the weapon was defunct.


  • Klendagon's artwork, visible from Presrop's surface, is actually a real-life depiction of Mars. The 'Great Rift Valley' — the massive trench dug into Klendagon from the mass accelerator round — is actually the Valles Marineris. The same artwork is used for Chohe's moon.
  • Klendagon's albedo comes out to −1.55, which means that the planet is too hot for its distance from the sun. Its atmosphere likely supports a greenhouse effect.
  • When the player decides to scan the planet in Mass Effect 2, a default planet texture is used so the Great Rift Valley cannot be seen.