The klixen are an insectoid species resembling crabs or beetles that are encountered in Mass Effect 2. They bear a resemblance to the rachni but are clearly a different species. Klixen are usually—if not always—found with larger flying creatures called harvesters. Klixen do not appear to use weapons, and are likely not sapient. They have fire breathing capabilities and explode violently when killed, causing splash damage. They are found on the krogan homeworld Tuchanka and a few exploration sites as enemies.

Capabilities Edit

Klixen may move slowly, but they become dangerous foes at melee range. Their fire-breathing attack can stagger the player, and their corpses will explode violently after they die. If killed while frozen, they will simply thaw before exploding. Like Husks, they will attempt to overwhelm their prey with numbers, but efficient tactics can reduce their waves to a pair at a time.

Klixen do not possess armor on lower difficulty levels, but they compensate with high health and heavy resistance to fire.


  • Because they tend not to panic when aflame (unlike most organic enemies), the recommended strategy is to disable them from afar with concussive, cryogenic, or biotic attacks.
  • Shredder Ammo and Armor Piercing Ammo help kill Klixen quickly, especially when used with the M-9 Tempest SMG.
  • A single Warp or Incinerate attack will usually remove what armor they have on harder modes. If neither are available, Incendiary Ammo can be used, but their resistance to fire makes its damage negligible, though it still removes their armor effectively.
  • If the klixen closes in and begins using its fire breath attack, a Cryo Blast, Throw, or Concussive Shot can be used to stop or push it away.
  • Combat Drones and Singularity can slow packs of these creatures if your squad ends up being overwhelmed.
  • Pull is not recommended to be used on Klixen, unless followed up immediately with Warp, Throw, or Concussive Shot due to their explosion on death.
  • In desperate situations, the Collector Particle Beam or the Arc Projector is best suited for emergency heavy weapon support.