Jurdon Krex is the leader of a group of outlaws in H-047c.

Krex and his gang established four mining camps on the surface of H-047c to exploit the abundant helium-3 in the former planet's soil. If Pathfinder Ryder comes across their operation, Krex and his remaining crew attempt to stop the Pathfinder and their squad after the other three camps have been dealt with. They fail and Krex dies trying.

Scattered bits of correspondence and equipment across the camps reveal further information about Krex's plans. Elora Narantis, an irritable asari loitering at the wind farm on the outskirts of Kadara Port, reached out to Krex to mine the helium-3 due to his crew's purported skill in navigating the debris around the ruined planet. He charged double his usual rates due to the risk, although he has been mining with equipment ill-suited for the job and he has a reputation among his crew for being particularly difficult to work with.

Krex has personal acquaintances on New Tuchanka who are concerned about his well-being: Barruk the merchant and Vorn the botanist.

Capabilities Edit


Krex access to Flak Cannon, the Ruzad shotgun, and a strong melee attack.


Krex is armored.

Tactics Edit

  • Krex is essentially a named Berserker in terms of combat capability. All his strengths and weaknesses are inherited from the latter, although he has a more pronounced tendency to charge headlong into battle.
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