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Disambiguous.png This article is about the enemy called krogan. For information about the species, see krogan.

Krogan are common soldiers that are seen around the galaxy. They are armed with a variety of weapons and are capable of charging and doing massive damage, both with their weapons, and with their powerful melee attacks. Krogan are used as shock troops by many Mercenary bands and organizations for various tasks across the galaxy.

In addition to being used by pirate and mercenary groups, Saren, who had found a cure for the genophage, began breeding an army of krogan to supplement his geth forces. Krogan are seen on many worlds being used by both mercenary and Saren's forces. When dealing with that latter, where krogan will be found, geth will usually be in the same area as well, or at least nearby.


  • If they aren't killed while in the air, or by ammunition/grenades that can destroy targets upon death (like cold, incendiary, toxic, and high explosive), all krogan enemies will regenerate once before going down for good, so make sure to put them down for good.
  • Krogan are dangerous on all difficulties but especially on Insanity where they all possess Immunity and their melee attacks can one-shot the player or allies without a very high level of physical damage resistance. Their melee attacks also possess considerable force and are able to knock down the player and most squadmates not possessing a certain level of force resistance.
  • The best strategy against krogan at all difficulties is to keep them constantly off their feet with biotic abilities, Neural Shock, or weapons with a high amount of force such as a sniper rifle modded with High Explosive Rounds to stop them from charging, shooting, or activating Immunity while plugging away with at least one rapid-fire weapon with toxic damage to deny their regeneration. Warp also denies their regeneration and makes it much easier to hurt them even if they have Immunity active.
  • When fighting krogan in open areas, using biotics to levitate them and then eject them from the map (e.g. with Throw or high force weapons) for instant kills is a very painless (and fun) way to deal with them.