Disambiguous This article is about the enemy called krogan. For information about the species, see krogan.
Krogan are common soldiers that are seen around the galaxy. They are armed with a variety of weapons and are capable of charging and doing massive damage, both with their weapons, and with their powerful melee attacks. Krogan are used as shock troops by many Mercenary bands and organizations for various tasks across the galaxy.

In addition to being used by pirate and mercenary groups, Saren, who had found a cure for the genophage, began breeding an army of krogan to supplement his geth forces. Krogan are seen on many worlds being used by both mercenary and Saren's forces. When dealing with that latter, where krogan will be found, geth will usually be in the same area as well, or at least nearby.

Tactics Edit

  • Because they are armed with any weapon, you will have to adjust your tactics slightly for each weapon system. Because these krogan do like to charge, especially shotgun wielding ones, make sure they don't get too close, otherwise they will use the melee attacks and the battle will end very quickly.
  • Like all krogan enemies, if they aren't killed while in the air, or by ammunition/grenades that can destroy targets upon death (like cold, incendiary, toxic, and high explosive), then they will regenerate once before going down for good, so make sure to put them down for good.
  • Assault Rifles are a good choice of weaponry for krogan. They fire fast, and hit hard, especially with the later models. Using upgrades, such as a Kinetic Coil, to improve the accuracy is highly recommended for the highest possible damage in the shortest amount of time.
  • Insanity Tip: Krogan are extremely dangerous on insanity, with one melee usually resulting in an instant kill. The best strategy is to keep your distance and get rid of their shields. When their shields are down, you can use biotic powers like Lift and Throw to stop them from charging or shooting. This will give you a chance to kill them quickly.
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