Disambiguous This article is about the enemy called Krogan Battlemaster. For Battlemasters in general, see Krogan Battlemaster. For information on Urdnot Wrex's class in Mass Effect, see Krogan Battlemaster (class). For the class power in Mass Effect 3, see Krogan Battlemaster (power).
Krogan Battlemasters are a unique class of krogan, notable for their possession of biotic talent. Being few in number, they are seldom encountered in the galaxy.

Shepard encounters a Battlemaster on Therum, whom Saren Arterius has sent to retrieve and capture Liara T'Soni. After finding Liara, Shepard and the crew take her on the elevator but stumble right into the Battlemaster and a small squad of geth.

Tactics Edit

  • The Krogan Battlemaster is one of the toughest organic enemies in Mass Effect. As a krogan, he is physically robust and resilient, placing emphasis on the use of manipulative and support abilities. Especially to new players, at first glance he may appear rather typical (especially if Feros was completed first), but he has some key differences to typical krogan that make this fight much harder.
  • As with all krogan, not only does he wear heavy armor, but the Battlemaster supplements this Immunity and a regeneration ability which can completely fill his health bar once depleted. Krogan are fond of charging their enemies, making use of of deadly melee attacks, and also possess biotics as well as some immunity to some biotic attacks.
  • Against the charge, incapacitation tactics are advisable to stop him and to temporarily disable him. If biotic tactics are unavailable when the Battlemaster begins to charge, sprinting around a column to break line-of-sight will instantly stop the charge. The use of abilities such as Lift, Singularity, Neural Shock, and Stasis are recommended, however the use of grenades with the high explosive upgrade may also halt the imminent melee attack. Above all, do not stay within melee range, as his lethal attack is an instant kill in almost all situations.
  • Additionally, it is imperative to continually assault the Battlemaster, not allowing the regeneration of health or shields. Using ammunition that destroy an enemy's body (such as the toxic or incendiary variants) will prevent the Battlemaster from regenerating, as will killing him while he is under the effect of Lift. Also, Damping can be used to prevent him from using biotics.
  • Weakening and debuffing, such as Overload is also recommended to quickly lower his shields and damage health; Warp's armour debuff may also be used to weaken his resilience to attack.
  • It may be advisable to eliminate the Battlemaster first, while in other cases he is best left until last. As an example, characters with good biotics could hit the Battlemaster first to immobilise him and take him down first, while combat-heavy groups and soldiers might prefer to eliminate his teammates first and engage him solo using line-of-sight to break his charge instead.
  • The Krogan Battlemaster tends to become more aggressive should you eliminate his geth allies. Expect the Battlemaster to close in if few or no geth are left standing. Leaving at least one geth alive is advisable to avoid provoking the Battlemaster into charging.
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