The Krogan Bouncer is the krogan that Fist hired to be the bouncer for his bar, Chora's Den. He usually isn't seen at the door, but rather inside the bar itself near the dancers.

During the mission to expose Saren, Shepard and the squad launch an assault on Chora's Den in order to get to Fist and to retrieve the information to finally expose Saren's actions as a traitor to the Council. The Bouncer is ready to defend the bar with Fist's hired thugs and is killed in the attempt to stop Shepard.

Tactics Edit

  • Krogan Bouncer is toughest enemy in the bar, possessing two bars of shielding and higher health than others. Like with all ME enemies, his shielding will generate. Being a krogan, his health regenerates and he will get back up after the first time you kill him. This revival can be prevented by using Chemical, Incendiary or High Explosive Rounds, as they will destroy his body. Killing him while he's in the air (possible with Lift, Throw or Singularity) will also do the trick.
  • As he can only attack at short range, using Throw to keep him away is a good idea. Alternatively, the player can stun him with Neural Shock or simply disable the shotgun with Sabotage.
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