The Krogan Hammer is a melee weapon in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Description Edit

A brutal weapon, the incredible force of this mechanized hammer is enhanced by precision pistons and mass effect fields. Such hammers are commonly used by elder krogan warlords, though this particular model has been modified for especially strong humans or young krogan.

Features Edit

The Krogan Hammer is tied with the Asari Sword as the game's most powerful melee weapon. Unlike other melee weapons that attack horizontally, the Krogan Hammer is swung vertically, resulting in the wielder smashing it into the ground with enough force to knock back human-sized enemies a significant distance upon a successful hit. The shockwave unleashed by the impact covers a significant area, enough to hit multiple enemies around the wielder, dealing full damage to all of them in the process and making it the best melee weapon choice for crowd control purposes.

Squadmate Drack, being the only squadmate with a dedicated melee attack, wields a Krogan Hammer as his melee weapon of choice.

Strategies Edit

  • A Vanguard Ryder is well-suited to wielding the Krogan Hammer, mainly because they gain significant bonuses to melee damage, which the hammer excels at.
  • The knockback feature of the Hammer is useful for temporarily incapacitating troublesome enemies. Again, this is perfect for a Vanguard, who can Charge the enemy for an first strike, then follow up with Nova and a Hammer strike for a truly devastating opening attack.
  • Some enemies can be instantly killed by the knockback feature of the Hammer, provided they are close enough to a given ledge over an accompanying abyss.
  • The Hammer's knockback effect works through obstacles and cover. Use this feature to stagger hunkered-down enemies out of cover for follow-up attacks, but keep in mind that the Hammer's immense damage quickly destroys most pieces of cover completely, making it impossible for Ryder to use that cover themselves afterwards.

Stats Edit

Rank Melee Damage Weight
I 400 0
II 453 0
III 506 0
IV 560 0
V 613 0
VI 666 0
VII 720 0
VIII 773 0
IX 826 0
X 880 0

Development Edit

Rank Rd icon milkyway orange Research Cost Omni-gel canister icon Omni-Gel Canister Iron icon Iron Lithium icon Lithium Element zero icon Element Zero MEA Augmentation Slot For Tables Augmentation Slots
I 125 30 120 60 20 0
II 140 30 150 60 20 3
III 155 40 160 80 20 3
IV 170 40 180 90 20 3
V 185 50 200 100 30 3
VI 200 50 220 110 30 3
VII 215 50 230 110 30 3
VIII 230 60 240 120 30 3
IX 245 60 250 120 30 3
X 260 60 250 120 30 3
Total 1925 470 2000 970 260 N/A
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