Disambiguous This article is about the enemy in Mass Effect. For the class power in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, see Krogan Warlord (power).
Krogan Warlords are krogan that have allied themselves with Saren.

Warlords are often seen commanding other krogan forces, or commanding geth forces that have allied themselves with Saren. Warlords are tougher than the average krogan enemies and should be treated appropriately. While they do not have the biotic powers that Krogan Battlemasters have, they are still dangerous in the areas of weapons and melee attacks.

Tactics Edit

Because Warlords are equipped with a variety of weapons, you will have to adjust your strategy when facing most of them. You should note that most of them do use shotguns, but others prefer other weapon systems. Because they have more health and shielding than their krogan counterparts, you may want to focus on them before taking out the rest of the krogan, or other enemies in the room. Like all krogan, they will regenerate once before dropping for a final time if they are not killed whilst in the air, or by certain ammunition/grenades that destroys targets upon killing them (like incendiary, toxic, or high explosive).

Krogan Warlords like to charge more frequently than the rest of their counterparts, and use their melee attacks to end fights. Therefore, it is advisable that you take them down before they have a chance to do this. Also using biotics while they are charging, particularly Lift, will give you some breathing room and depending on where you are, could send a krogan off a cliff, over a railing, or so far up in the air, that when they come back down, the impact will kill them.

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