Kureck is a Krogan Battlemaster who leads a group of Blood Pack mercenaries in a search for salvage in the Teltin Facility on Pragia. He is hired by the human Aresh Aghdashloo who is trying to rebuild the facility.

When Commander Shepard's squad arrives, Kureck opens fire on them, but is killed in the resulting firefight.



Kureck is armed with an M-300 Claymore Heavy Shotgun, and can use Warp. At close distance he uses Berserker Charge.


Kureck has standard krogan regeneration and charge, in addition to an armor and biotic barrier, which he can replenish over time.


  • Kureck initially does not display the typical krogan tendency to close in, opting to remain at a distance and bark insults at his team. If you kill the other two Blood Pack Warriors first, he will advance towards the squad to attack at close range.
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