Elaaden - Languish
Languish is a region on Elaaden. It is bounded to the east by New Tuchanka, to the north by Hell's Promise, the Sea of Ataraxia on its northeast and west ends, and Gehenna Valley to the south. Much of its traversable terrain is undulating yellow sand in between higher elevations of white rocks.

Languish has a number of Remnant structures often guarded by the eponymous machines and/or mildly corrupted by the Scourge. It also has at least two cave systems: one to the north of a Remnant site, and another to the west. Its three Forward Stations are located next to the aforementioned cave and Remnant site, another just south of the derelict Remnant ship at Hell's Promise, and to the west just before the boundary separating it from Ataraxia.

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