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Lani Reed is the pilot for ark Hyperion.

Lani grew up as an only child on Mindoir where her parents were killed during the batarian raid in 2170. She hopes to someday become a farmer like her parents.

She was introduced to the Andromeda Initiative by Captain Nozomi Dunn. She was intrigued by the adventure and joined up immediately.

Despite the Hyperion's near destruction by the Scourge immediately after entering the Heleus Cluster, she remains a source of positivity for the Hyperion crew. Once Hyperion docks with the Nexus, Lani can be found on the habitation deck.

During the kett assault on the Hyperion, the Pathfinder Ryder's sibling can find a terminal with a log that implies that Lani was hunted down and killed by Primus under the Archon's orders.