Lazarus Station cinematic box
The Lazarus Research Station is a space station located in deep space used by Cerberus as headquarters for the Lazarus Cell and as a site for the Lazarus Project.

Mass Effect: Foundation Edit

The Lazarus Station, along with the Minuteman Station, were two of the space stations that housed and operated on Commander Shepard's body and clone.

In 2184, the Lazarus Station's systems were breached during a successful ploy to steal the clone. Mechs, security feeds, and sprinkler systems were all affected due to agent Rasa's actions.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

In 2185, the facility suffers a catastrophic breakdown in security when LOKI and YMIR mechs, allegedly reprogrammed by Wilson, turn against the station personnel. During this crisis, Commander Shepard revives and escapes with Miranda Lawson, the station's Commanding Officer, and Jacob Taylor, her Executive Officer, on a shuttle.

An Illusive Man report later reveals that the station was destroyed by remote detonation and a Cerberus team is en route to ensure no evidence or incriminating evidence on Cerberus survived.