Inoste Ledra (full name Gorot II Heranon Mal Dinest Got Inoste Ledra) is a salarian merchant at Zhu's Hope, on Feros. He came to the human colony looking to make a profit, but was caught up in the geth attacks. He can sell Commander Shepard supplies, though, like the other colonists, Ledra seems to be acting strangely.

Ledra claims he has been told to make all of his stock available to Shepard. This is most likely because he has become infected with Thorian spores like the other colonists at Zhu's Hope and the Thorian needs Shepard's help to destroy the attacking geth. Along with the other colonists, Ledra fights to defend the crashed freighter once Shepard returns from the ExoGeni Corporation headquarters.

If he survives, Ledra thanks Shepard effusively, saying he never thought he would be so glad to see a soldier.

If a certain number of colonists survive, he tells Shepard he plans to stay in Zhu's Hope to try and recoup his losses. If a large number of the colonists are killed, Ledra informs the Commander that he is leaving the colony, as it is not profitable to remain.

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