Ann Bryson is the best source of information about the Leviathan artifacts. Search the Pylos Nebula to find her.

Acquisition Edit

Complete Citadel: Leviathan II.

Walkthrough Edit

ME3 Sovereign fragment
At this point, you are able to head immediately to the Pylos Nebula to search for Ann, though you may want to narrow down the search and/or earn some easy experience points. Head back downstairs to look for clues. One of the datapads will reveal Project Scarab, which Ann heads, requisitioned the MSV Icarus: use this information on the computer console to obtain the Ship Schematics filter.

Go back to the room with the artifact and search the drawer by the husk head. Use the access card to open the equipment locker, which contains an Assault Rifle Omni-Blade weapon mod and enough clues to determine the Equipment filter.

Activating both filters will pinpoint the system in which Ann is located.

Travel to the Zaherin system of the Pylos Nebula and scan near the planet Namakli. After EDI identifies a signal, select the planet and scan for an anomaly. You will then be able to land on the planet, leading to the next mission.

Datapads Edit

Task Force Aurora
Current Travel Requisitions

Project Basilisk
Team Leader: Garneau, Alex
Transport: MSV Kirkwall

Project Scarab
Team Leader: Bryson, Ann
Transport: MSV Icarus


  • The ship transporting Dr. Garneau shares its name with Kirkwall, the main setting of Dragon Age II, another BioWare game.
  • During the ending cutscene, Shepard's equipped weapon will fire on full-auto, as if an M-8 Avenger was equipped. This may lead to strange audio sounds for weapons that were not meant to fire on full-auto, such as shotguns and sniper rifles.
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