On occasion when Liara is in the squad, she will engage in conversations unique to her.

Unique Dialogue

Throughout Shepard's travels, there are specific points where Liara will voice her opinions.

  • On Noveria, while talking to Lorik Qui'in about Matriarch Benezia, Qui'in will comment on Benezia's outfit and the reaction it had with the younger males. If Liara is present, she will state that young males have an unhealthy obsession with the asari.
  • On Noveria, if you talk to Alestia Iallis about Matriarch Benezia while Liara is in your party, Alestia will wonder why you don't just ask her instead. Liara responds that she knows nothing about Benezia, a sentiment Alestia shares.
  • On Ilos, after Shepard ends the conversation with Vigil to resume the pursuit of Saren, Liara will ask Shepard to wait and suggest that they spend a little more time talking to Vigil, as this represents an opportunity to learn more about the Protheans. Shepard can either insist that they leave, in which case Liara apologizes for losing sight of the main goal, or can agree to ask more questions of Vigil. (Vigil states, however, that its ability to answer questions is limited, and Shepard can only ask the same questions of it that were available earlier.)

Talk to Squadmate

There are certain areas where if you talk to Liara, she will offer her opinion.

  • On the Citadel, when you are near the Relay Monument, if you talk to Liara she will talk about the relays being the Protheans greatest creations and the symbolism behind the monument.
  • In Dock 422, Liara is also transfixed by the sight of the Citadel, the greatest achievement of the Protheans.


Sometimes Liara will say something spontaneously, without being prompted.

  • If Liara is in the squad during Ilos: Trench Run, she marvels at what secrets might be held by the Prothean bunker, annoying the other squad member and causing them to remind her of why they are there. Liara then apologizes for getting caught up in the moment and expresses her wish to study the ruins after the mission is completed.
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