Lieutenant Sajax is an aide to Nexus Militia leader Tiran Kandros.

When Pathfinder Ryder returns to the Nexus after the establishment of Prodromos, Sajax is one of the people greeting Ryder on the Docking Bay. The excited crowd has many questions for the Pathfinder, so she instructs them to tone it down and give Ryder some space. She explains people wanted to see the Pathfinder as it's been a while since anyone had real hope. If Prodromos was founded as a military outpost, Sajax assures Ryder the kett won't get near the Remnant vault, nor their people on Eos. When the meeting is over, Sajax disperses the crowd by reminding them there's a new world out there to settle.

Sajax can subsequently be seen in Operations near Kandros. To help APEX strike teams do their job, she needs Ryder's experiences dealing with kett, Remnant, and outlaw enemies.

The lieutenant can be overheard talking to people. She complains to Sergeant Nels about the bureaucratic red tape when figuring out militia recruits. She was formerly a mercenary and was used to relying on her gut instinct when dealing with people rather than some questionnaire.

Sajax has never been to the Citadel and only saw it on vids, so she asks Nels if it really has a lake. The salarian confirms it, and tells her she would've been a good fit for C-Sec.

Hearing about a successful strike, Sajax informs Kandros of a team that bagged a dozen kett with zero casualties on their side. The militia leader decides to give them a three-day leave, so Sajax proceeds to give The Vortex the usual warning.

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