Lieutenant Tolan is a member of the Special Tasks Group. He meets Shepard on Sur'Kesh if Kirrahe did not survive the events on Virmire in 2183.

Tolan was part of the squad that rescued Eve and the other female krogan that had been cured of the genophage by Maelon's experiments.

Initially, Tolan seems pleased to meet Shepard, but then refuses to shake Shepard's hand and expresses his misgivings for curing the genophage. As he talks, he reveals that he harbors doubt and suspicion towards Shepard, especially in Shepard's desire to fight the Reapers. Tolan voices an isolationist and imperialist opinion that appears similar to his government's approach towards the Reaper threat. He laments the revelation of the cured krogan as it will mean the salarians will have no choice but to become involved in the war against the Reapers. This is further hammered as he reveals he had wanted to execute the female krogan to prevent the genophage cure from being known, but was overruled by the scientists in his team.

Tolan and his team later join the war effort.

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