MEA Journal - Nexus
You've received an email from Sid, Vetra Nyx's sister, who thinks she has uncovered something suspicious going on at the Nexus.

Acquisition Edit

The email is obtained after the first visit to Kadara Port. Acknowledge the email to start the mission.

Something Suspicious
To: Ryder
From: Sidera Nyx

Dear Pathfinder,

(This is Sidera, Vetra's sister. But everyone calls me "Sid.")

I know this isn't following protocol, because who am I to contact a Pathfinder through their personal console, right? But I know Vetra will tell me I'm overreacting, and I swear I wouldn't do this unless I thought it was something serious. There's just stuff going on here that doesn't really add up and people are getting hurt.

It's hard to explain. Can we talk in person? I'm in Operations.


Sid(era Nyx)

Walkthrough Edit

Meet with Sid on the Nexus Edit

Nexus interests have been attacked by the mercenary group called the Three Sabers. Sid thinks there's something suspicious going on, as the Three Sabers seem to have detailed knowledge of Nexus plans and movements.

Note: After this objective has completed the next navpoint MEA Tracked Objective Map Icon might get confusing. The navpoint leads from Operations to the Docks, and then back to Operations. If Ryder goes to the Tempest, the navpoints will be okay again.

Investigate space attacks on Nexus ships Edit

Sid gives four locations to investigate for attacks on Nexus ships.

Sites investigated Edit

Travel to the star systems marked by navpoints (Jirayder, Nalesh, Joba, Solminae) and scan for the wrecks of the attacked ships. Each wreck awards random salvage. Dr. Suvi Anwar manages to get a navpoint from radiation tracks at the sites.

Follow the Three Sabers to their hideout on Kadara Edit

The navpoint Suvi found leads to southeastern region of Kadara known as Spirits' Ledge. A gang of Outlaw enemies has to be defeated. Mid-battle a drop ship will fly in and drop off additional enemies.

Defeat the Three Sabers Edit

Defeat the gang.

Search the hideout Edit

The gang kicked out their leader, Stanton Yale, according to a datapad in the hideout. Stanton was the gang's link to the Nexus. Stanton is located on Eos and may know more about the Three Sabers' activities. Reading the datapad gives Ryder +270 XP.

Three Sabers Memo
I don't want to hear about it. You all knew ousting Yale would make the break with the Nexus final. No loss; that teat was running dry. Going independent isn't just the smart move, it's the only move. Now we've got the gear and the freedom to take over this place. Angara? Not a problem.

Hear Yale's on Eos. Forget him. He won't talk. Anything he brings up will expose his involvement, and the Nexus' involvement. He's not going to put himself in that position.


Note: There are two copies of the same datapad in the building. The datapad in the highest room in the building triggers the next objective.

Speak to Yale on Eos Edit

Stanton is in Prodromos. He hired exiles for protection, because the Pathfinder can't be everywhere to protect everything, but the gang went rogue and attacked the people they were supposed to protect. Surprisingly, Foster Addison was behind this idea.

Confront Addison Edit

Sid joins the conversation with Addison and wants to make this debacle public, while Addison wants it kept from public knowledge to avoid unrest. You make the choice.

Whichever choice you pick, there are no known consequences.

If Addison's involvement is concealed, the following email is sent:

From the Desk of Director Addison
To: Ryder
From: Addison


I'd like to commend you for your deft handling of Sidera Nyx. She hasn't pursued the issue of the Three Sabers, and as far as I can tell, this is entirely out of respect for you.

Thank you. This had the makings of a diplomatic nightmare.

Our institutions are the rafts to which we cling. And the strength of them cannot be compromised when there is a storm above.

Director Addison

Rewards Edit

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