Lift is an unlockable biotic talent available to Adepts, Sentinels, Vanguards, and the Asari Scientist. Using Lift will cause enemies to float helplessly in the air, making them more vulnerable to attack. The lift force is added to the target's velocity or momentum; for example, using Lift on a charging enemy will cause them to go flying over your head, possibly into a wall or off a cliff. It can also bring enemies out from behind cover to give a clear shot. This is especially useful if you can unlock the Sniper Rifle achievement - use Lift to lure the enemy out of cover, then use the sniper rifle to eliminate the target. If used in a low-gravity environment Lift can cause enemies to float off into space, resulting in an instant kill.

Lift is particularly effective when used on a stationary enemy in conjunction with Throw. Once the enemy is midair, using Throw can fling the enemy a much greater distance than usual because they will not be knocked back into scenery, and may even result in an instant kill if they are knocked far enough (e.g. using this technique outside Chora's Den could send an enemy hurtling off the edge of the platform and down into the traffic below). Lift is handy against Geth Hoppers - as it stops them from jumping around - and larger rachni.

Talent Ranks Edit

  1. Lift: Radius: 4 m. Duration: 6 s. Recharge Time: 60 s. Accuracy Cost: 80%.
  2. Increases the duration of Lift to 6.4 s.
  3. Increases the duration of Lift to 6.8 s.
  4. Increases the duration of Lift to 7.2 s.
  5. Increases the duration of Lift to 7.6 s.
  6. Increases the duration of Lift to 8 s.
  7. Advanced Lift: Radius: 5 m. Duration: 9 s. Recharge Time: 50 s. Accuracy Cost: 60%.
  8. Increases the duration of Lift to 9.4 s.
  9. Increases the duration of Lift to 9.8 s.
  10. Increases the duration of Lift to 10.2 s.
  11. Increases the duration of Lift to 10.6 s.
  12. Master Lift: Radius: 6 m. Duration: 12 s. Recharge Time: 40 s. Accuracy Cost: 40%.

Although it isn't written into the skill levels, each point spent increases the force of the lift. Master Lift can regularly send enemies launching into the ceiling for extra damage, out of the area as an instant kill, and can even push a Geth Colossus from the ground.

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