Lisana T'lesso was, according to her, the best pilot for the Citadel fleet until she got bored and joined the Andromeda Initiative for something new.

If Pathfinder Ryder settles the Taerve Uni outpost on Voeld, Lisana gets the best job in the Galaxy, a Ice Runner for Taerve Uni outpost on the planet Voeld. On each mission, she needs to dodge the Scourge and outrun the kett to deliver ice blocks as a water source all over the Heleus Cluster. Usually, she delivers to the Nexus but she also makes runs to Havarl and Kadara. She likes to make a difference with her job.

Lisana is a known risk-taker with an adventurous spirit and cavalier attitude. When inquiring about her experiences, she fully admits to flying through the Scourge, admitting that 'it's never the same twice', seeking paths through the obvious obstacle to not only shave time, but to avoid any possible kett presence and threat.

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