Liselle is a daughter of Aria T'Loak and the lover of Paul Grayson. Once Grayson starts working for Aria (under the alias Paul Johnson), Aria has doubts about him and orders Liselle to kill him, as she could find no information on his past. Instead Liselle pleads with Aria not to have him killed, as Grayson is a useful and loyal subordinate. She eventually becomes Grayson's lover.

Liselle is part of the team Aria orders to secure the latest shipment of red sand from the Talons, a turian mercenary gang. Unlike the other members of the team, Liselle doesn't object when Grayson orders them to stash the red sand in his apartment to keep it safe.

Later, she meets Grayson in the Afterlife Club and asks to come over to Grayson's apartment, but when he turns her down, she doesn't push him and tells him to call her if his mood changes. Later, she goes to Grayson's apartment upon receiving his call.

While they are together, they are attacked by Grayson's former employers, Cerberus. Despite Paul and Liselle's best efforts against the intruders, she is hit with a tranquiliser dart and knocked unconscious. Soon thereafter, Kai Leng kills Liselle by slitting her throat with a kitchen knife, leaving her to bleed out on Grayson's bed where she is later found by Aria.

The injury from the dart is small enough to be overlooked against Liselle's neck injury, leading Aria to suspect Grayson killed her. Aria's fury at the loss of her daughter drives her to seek revenge.

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