Dr. Lizbeth Baynham is an ExoGeni Corporation scientist on Feros.

Mass Effect[edit | edit source]

Lizbeth, Juliana Baynham's daughter, was assigned to ExoGeni's study of the Thorian as it infected the Zhu's Hope colonists with mind-controlling spores. Lizbeth protested ExoGeni's use of the colonists as test subjects, and was consequently put on probation as punishment, afraid to do more in case the corporation turned her into a test subject too.

When the geth attacked Feros and the ExoGeni building was evacuated, Lizbeth stayed behind to send a message to Colonial Affairs on Earth, in an attempt to tell them about the Thorian, but the geth cut the power before she could transmit it. Not knowing if her mother was dead or alive, Lizbeth hid in the basement of the building, having to fight off the varren lurking nearby.

When Commander Shepard's team arrives at the building, Lizbeth is so jumpy she briefly fires at the Commander. Lizbeth remains wary - she mentions the Thorian to Shepard without going into detail - but provides information regarding geth activity in the building and hands over her ID card to give the squad access to any restricted areas. She is also anxious for news of her mother and is ecstatic to hear she survived. Once the energy fields are down, having learned the truth, Shepard confronts Lizbeth and she confesses she was too afraid to stop the experiments. Now she wants to help.

On the way back to Zhu's Hope, in the Mako, Lizbeth hears Juliana's distress call and forces Shepard to stop beside the Skyway Weigh Station so she can help her mother. Lizbeth confronts Ethan Jeong with her knowledge of the Thorian and ExoGeni's culpability, and is shocked to hear that ExoGeni is planning to purge the colony. Feeling responsible for what happened at Zhu's Hope, Lizbeth asks Shepard to use the anti-Thorian gas grenades to save the colonists.

Mass Effect 2[edit | edit source]

If Shepard helped Zhu's Hope and Lizbeth, the Commander will receive a message (entitled "Appreciate the help") from her in 2185, expressing not only thanks for what Shepard did for the colony, but her apologies again for shooting at the Commander.

From: Lizbeth Baynham

Hey, Shepard,

I heard about what you did on Illium, and I wanted to thank you for helping out Zhu's Hope one more time. We're surviving, if barely. Most of ExoGeni left, but I stayed behind as an attaché, and to make sure that nothing was left of the Thorian. We don't need that problem again.

Also, I'm really, really sorry that I shot at you. I'm pretty sure I said that, but I just wanted to reiterate it.

Good luck, and thanks. Zhu's Hope is alive again because of what you did.


Lizbeth Baynham

Alternatively if Shepard killed the colonists of Zhu's Hope instead of disabling them with the toxin, Lizbeth shows doubt and regret for the colonists who died.

From: Lizbeth Baynham

Dear Commander Shepard,

I heard about what you did on Illium, and I wanted to thank you for helping the survivors of what happened at Zhu's Hope. These people don't have much left, and you dealing with that damn contract helped them a lot.

I get sick when I think about what we did to those colonists. What we allowed to happen. Do you feel that way? Do you ever wish you could have avoided killing so many people? We had no choice. I had no choice. But I still wonder.

Thank you again. I'm doing what I can. You've helped the survivors get some peace.


Lizbeth Baynham

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