Disambiguous This article is about the terminal for customizing gear in Mass Effect: Andromeda. For the process of selecting skill set loadouts and the favorites menu, see Loadouts and Favorites Menu.
MEA Loadout Screen

Loadout is the only way to customize weapons, armor, Consumables, squad, and the ND1 Nomad for Pathfinder Ryder.

Overview Edit

The Loadout terminal can be accessed by landing on a planet or at the start of a major mission. The loadout terminal is also accessible via several locations.

Locations Edit

Loadout terminals are located:

  • Tempest Airlock - On board the Tempest is a dedicated room with a Loadout terminal. Ryder turns left upon entering the main door to the bridge. There is a door directly in front of Ryder (which leads to the Loadout terminal) and a door directly behind Ryder (which leads to Peebee's escape pod).
  • Mission Launch - Whenever Ryder departs from the Tempest onto a planet (like Eos) the Loadout terminal will open automatically.
  • Forward Station - Each Forward Station located on a planet allows Ryder to access a Loadout terminal.

Mechanics Edit

Loadout terminals allow customization to:

Weapons Edit

Main article: Weapons (Mass Effect: Andromeda)

The Loadout terminal initially allows equipping two firearms and one melee weapon by default. Additional weapon slots can be unlocked through the Combat Fitness skill at Ranks 3 and 5.

Weapon Weight Edit

Total weapon weight is affected by the number and type of weapons chosen at the Loadout terminal.

For details on the mechanics of weapon weight, see Combat (Mass Effect: Andromeda)#Weight Capacity.

Mods Edit

Main article: Mods

Mods can only be added/changed/removed at a Loadout terminal.

Armor Edit

Main article: Armor (Mass Effect: Andromeda)

The Loadout terminal allows adding/changing/removing Arms, Chests, Helmets, and Legs armor pieces.

  • To customize armor colors and patterns, the Wardrobe in the Pathfinder's quarters on the Tempest allows this type of customization.
  • To choose when the helmet is shown on Ryder, go to the main Settings menu to change this display feature.

Fusion Mods Edit

Main article: Fusion Mods

Fusion Mods can only be added/changed/removed to Chest pieces at a Loadout terminal.

Consumables Edit

Main article: Consumables

The Loadout terminal initially allows equipping two consumables by default.

Additional consumables slots can be unlocked through the Military cryo pod perks Always Prepared and Versatility.

Squad Edit

Main article: Squad - Mass Effect: Andromeda

Selection of two squadmates is possible. Certain missions require a specific squadmate and that squadmate will be locked in.

Selecting any armor, consumables, weapons, etc. for squadmates has been completely scrapped in Mass Effect: Andromeda. This means that your squadmates will always retain exactly the same equipment.

Nomad Customization Edit

Main article: ND1 Nomad

Previewing and selecting a different paint job for the ND1 Nomad if available. Paint jobs can either be purchased or received as part of a bonus.

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