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Lorik Qui'in is the manager of the Synthetic Insights Noveria branch, found at the Port Hanshan mezzanine. A consummate businessman, he carries himself in a polite, refined manner, and is happy to talk about current events, including the lockdown at Peak 15 and the arrival of Matriarch Benezia. He is unfamiliar with certain human idioms.

Mass Effect[]

Commander Shepard needs to leave Port Hanshan in order to pursue Matriarch Benezia. Qui'in and Administrator Anoleis are one of the few people who have a garage pass for such an action. If Anoleis doesn't give Shepard a pass, his assistant Gianna Parasini tells the Spectre that Qui'in might be amenable.

Qui'in lounges at the mezzanine day drinking, as the administrator closed his office. If sought out by Shepard, Lorik explains that he is in a difficult situation: Anoleis is accepting bribes and Qui'in managed to gather evidence on his corruption, but Anoleis found out and accused Qui'in of being corrupt himself. Anoleis has illegally paid Noveria security to ransack Qui'in's office, in an effort to find the incriminating data. Lorik offers a garage pass in exchange for Shepard recovering the data from his computer, though he warns the Commander that violence may be necessary.

Once Shepard has recovered the evidence, Parasini, now revealed as an undercover Noveria Internal Affairs agent, asks for help conducting her investigation into Anoleis on behalf of Noveria's Executive Board. She wants Shepard to convince Qui'in to testify; once confronted with this, Lorik is annoyed at Shepard's presumption, but the Commander can persuade him, or give up and exchange the data for a garage pass.

If Qui'in is later revisited at the mezzanine his responses vary depending on how Shepard chose to navigate the corporate intrigue surrounding Anoleis. If the evidence of corruption was turned over to Anoleis, Qui'in announces he will resign shortly before his company becomes tainted by association. He spends the remainder of his time ordering more drinks and drowning his sorrows away, even calling one drink his "only friend." If Anoleis and Parasini shot each other to death, he concludes he no longer needs the evidence although he still appreciates Shepard's help in the matter despite the "unexpected" resolution.

If the evidence was turned over directly to Qui'in, he will proudly announce that he has taken Anoleis' place as Administrator of Port Hanshan. If Qui'in was instead convinced to testify against Anoleis, he will state that Gianna Parasini contacted him as she left the planet, and that he'll be placed into protective custody by the Executive Board until he testifies, which he expects will be within the next few days.

Mass Effect 2[]

If Shepard handed evidence from the office directly to Lorik instead of Gianna, the Commander will receive this email:

Subject: A fly in the lotion...

From: Lorik Qui'in

Commander Shepard,

I've come to have a lot of balls in flight, as you humans say. It was brought to my attention that you're still around, working on something secret. Frankly, I hope that whatever you do keeps you far away from Noveria this time, but if you must come back and, what is it, upset the fruit cart, let me know, and I'll clear a path for you for old times' sake.

A pleasure as always,

Lorik Qui'in, Administrator, Port Hanshan


  • "A fly in the lotion" is a malaproprism of "a fly in the ointment", meaning a minor setback. Other malaproprisms include "a lot of balls in flight", which should be "a lot of balls in the air", and "upset the fruit cart", which should be "upset the apple cart".
  • Peter Jessop, Lorik Qui'in's voice actor, also voices Sovereign in Mass Effect and Inquisitor Lim, Shipeng, and Master Smiling Hawk in BioWare's Jade Empire.