M-080 Variant

The M-080 is a large infantry fighting vehicle, or IFV. This class of vehicle is equipped with a turret with two coaxial barrels: the machine gun and main cannon. Like the M29 Grizzly and the M35 Mako, the M-080 is equipped with six wheels.

Three variants of the M-080 are seen. In addition to the IFV, there is also the missile artillery and the APC versions. The APC removes the turret in favor of an armored top to make room for passengers, while the missile artillery instead mounts two very powerful thanix missiles.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

The M-080 is in use by many factions in 2185. Two of the infantry fighting vehicle variant are seen at an Eclipse base at Daratar, and two of these type are seen at a Blue Suns base at Joab. They are either painted black (Eclipse), or metallic (Blue Suns). The Eclipse variant is seen during the heist with Kasumi Goto, parked in Hock's garage, where the main gun is used to destroy a wall. Another example of the model is seen crashed through a wall of the hospital on Tuchanka. The vehicle has been 'personalized' with clan markings.

The APC variant can be seen parked in Donovan Hock's garage.

Several overturned M-080s can be seen on Kopis during the Project Firewalker: Prothean Site mission.

Mass Effect 3 Edit

The APC variant is first seen being used by Cerberus on Mars. Several APCs are parked outside of the Mars base, painted with Cerberus colors. The same variant is also seen used by the Alliance during the final battle on Earth, painted with Alliance colors.

Several vehicles of the missile truck variant are also seen being used by the Alliance during the final battle on Earth. Commander Shepard uses one to take out the Destroyer guarding the beam, by firing two thanix missiles directly into the Reaper's "eye" after fighting off waves of Marauders, Banshees, and Brutes.

Trivia Edit

  • The M-080 is a non-drivable vehicle. It is most likely based on the Mako's chassis, as the two vehicles are remarkably similar. In fact, according to The Art of Mass Effect, on page 70, the M-080 is an early design of the M35 Mako.
  • The APC variant is used as scenery on the Firebase Condor and Firebase London multiplayer maps.
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