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Disambiguous This article is about the heavy pistol designated M-11. For the shotgun designated M-11, see M-11 Wraith.

The M-11 Suppressor is a heavy pistol in Mass Effect 3.


The M-11 Suppressor is the product of the Alliance's Offensive Handgun Project that developed an infiltration weapon to be used in close-quarters situations where silence is key. The Suppressor features a built-in integral sound moderator that reduces noise and muzzle flash. Civilian variants of the weapon are considered illegal but can be found in some sectors.



With Mass Effect 3: Citadel downloaded, the M-11 Suppressor is automatically added at the start of the mission Citadel Wards: Ambush, after a cinematic is shown where Shepard kills a CAT6 Specialist wielding the weapon.


Weapons are randomly rewarded through purchases of item packs. The M-11 Suppressor is categorized as rare and requires Mass Effect 3: Reckoning to be installed.

Player Notes[]

  • The M-11 Suppressor heavy pistol possesses a high damage shot, a high rate of fire, good base accuracy and stability, and an unparalleled 4x headshot damage modifier.
    • "Boss" or "super elite" enemies such as Banshees possess weak points that can suffer bonus headshot damage, regardless of whether the weak point area struck is actually their head (e.g. the rear exhaust port of an Atlas). However, these enemies are immune to headshot modifier damage from certain sources, such as from the Pistol Cranial Trauma System.[1]
    • The importance of landing headshots with this weapon encourages the use of techniques that make lining up headshots easier, such as waiting for enemies to come out of a combat roll or stunning them with a power such as Overload. Maximizing accuracy by using the Pistol Scope mod and firing zoomed and/or from cover is also a good idea.
  • Although the Suppressor is based on the same model as the M-6 Carnifex and M-77 Paladin, it sports a rate of fire comparable to the M-3 Predator with very little recoil. It has the same clip size as the Carnifex, so a steady aim and a careful trigger finger are still important assets.
    • The fast rate of fire allows a full magazine's worth of shots to be fired before the damage bonus of Tactical Cloak wears off.
  • Equipping the Pistol Scope can make the Suppressor accurate enough at long distances to be a "pocket sniper rifle," able to match and even outperform many of the lighter sniper rifles in the game if headshots are consistently landed. Its ability to fire off multiple shots rapidly before having to reload can also give it advantages over heavier sniper rifles on higher difficulties where the shield gate mechanic makes powerful single-shot weapons less efficient at one-shotting targets with shields or barriers.
  • True to its name, the Suppressor is a "suppressed" weapon equipped with a silencer. This means that shooting an enemy with it does not as easily attract attention from other nearby enemies, similar to Tactical Cloak.

  • The Suppressor Shepard uses during Citadel Wards: Ambush is a unique model of the weapon that exists in that mission only, and it doesn't upgrade or carry across different playthroughs. This unique model Suppressor has a very large weight penalty, much larger than most normal weapons. This essentially works as a handicap, slowing down Shepard's power recharge times. The only real way to mitigate this is to customize Shepard's class power for maximum possible weight capacity before going to Anderson's apartment for the first time. Classes with a weight capacity value of 50 will have a Power Recharge Bonus from weapon loadout of only +80% during the mission.
  • Its extreme headshot damage can be further amplified with the Pistol Cranial Trauma System, certain armor parts, the Cerberus Nightmare Armor, the Headshots evolutions of ammo powers, and/or certain evolutions of Combat Mastery and Operational Mastery. However, this tends to be overkill except against the toughest infantry types, as even at Level 1 and without mods, the Suppressor can kill most unprotected infantry enemies with a single headshot on Insanity difficulty.
    • Shielded infantry such as Marauders and Centurions can take a bit more punishment, but 3-4 headshots will still take them out; Disruptor Ammo can enable the Suppressor to easily dispense with their shields in 1 headshot, allowing for two-shot kills.
  • With weapon mods such as a Pistol High-Caliber Barrel, and certain ammo powers, the Suppressor can surpass the M-77 Paladin's damage output, even when not dealing headshot damage.
  • This weapon is particularly devastating in the hands of a Soldier using Adrenaline Rush, as the time dilation and damage boost makes landing one-shot headshot kills on multiple targets fairly easy, especially if the weapon is equipped with a Pistol Scope mod for maximum accuracy.
  • Squadmates tend to fire this gun in 3-round bursts and don't go out of their way to aim at heads, making it a less attractive option for them.

  • The multiplayer version of the Suppressor deals only about half the base damage of the single-player variant and is not as able to one-shot kill weaker unprotected enemies.
  • The 4x headshot damage multiplier can be capitalized on by using the Pistol Cranial Trauma System and the Pistol Scope weapon mods, Vulnerability VI gear, and Targeting VI equipment.
    • Weapon-centric and stealth-based classes have even more headshot or other weapon damage multipliers available, such as from Tactical Cloak, Tactical Scan, Adrenaline Rush, and Marksman
    • Similarly to Tactical Cloak, the "stealthy kill" bonus from the silencer is severely crippled if you are the only one in the round, as enemies will target you by default.
  • Characters with access to Stasis or Submission Net can use the Suppressor effectively, as enemies cannot dodge when immobilized, allowing for easy headshots. This is extremely effective against agile enemies like the Phantom.