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Disambiguous This article is about the sniper rifle in Mass Effect 3. For the assault rifle in Mass Effect, see Devlon Industries.

The M-13 Raptor is a sniper rifle in Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Mass Effect 3[]


The Raptor is a human version of a turian weapon developed for conflict on the low-gravity world Amar. Fighting at longer ranges than expected, the turians optimized a low-recoil, semi-automatic rifle with a scope, and issued it to their regular infantry, creating a hybrid weapon that was half-assault rifle and half-sniper weapon. Cerberus assigns the Raptor to Nemesis snipers.



The M-13 Raptor can be found during the mission Priority: Sur'Kesh, on a bench before the door of the last checkpoint. It is also purchasable from Batarian State Arms post-mission if it was missed.


Weapons are randomly rewarded through purchases of item packs. The M-13 Raptor is categorized as uncommon and requires no multiplayer expansion packs.

Player Notes[]

  • The Raptor is the lightest of the sniper rifles along with the M-90 Indra. It has a very low damage-per-shot for its class, on par with the N7 Eagle heavy pistol. This makes it nearly impossible to get one-shot kills, even with headshots, especially at higher difficulties, which is one of the key advantages of many sniper rifles. On the other hand, low damage means that the Raptor can be used against any enemy without being overkill or suffering excessive damage lost to the shield gate mechanic.
  • Reloading is very quick, even without reload cancelling.
  • The Raptor has a very fast rate of fire, faster than any sniper rifle except the M-90 Indra; however, it is semi-automatic and requires rapid manual trigger-pulling to reach maximum firing rate.
  • The Raptor possesses greater extra clip capacity than most sniper rifles.
  • The Raptor has a much lower powered scope than other sniper rifles, giving it a wider field of view when zoomed. This combined with negligible muzzle climb can make aiming and landing headshots easier. The Raptor is slightly less accurate when scoped than other sniper rifles, though this is only noticeable over the longest distances.
  • The Raptor suffers a substantially lower damage penalty for "hip firing" without the scope than other sniper rifles, making it more useful for engagements at close-quarters where zooming is impractical.
  • The Raptor plays like a lighter and more accurate M-96 Mattock that deals less damage per shot but with a higher rate of fire. This is consistent with the weapon's in-game description calling the Raptor an assault rifle/sniper rifle hybrid weapon.
  • The Raptor is very similar to the M-90 Indra in most categories, with a few differences. The Indra has a faster rate of fire and is fully automatic; it also possesses a larger ammunition reserve. The Raptor deals significantly more damage per shot, with almost no muzzle climb. In both single-player and multiplayer, the Raptor is also easier to obtain and upgrade than the Indra.
  • In the original version of the game not counting any DLC, the Raptor has the highest theoretical damage-per-second (DPS) of any weapon, though this is dependent on how fast the trigger is pulled. This is also not factoring in its use against armored foes, which will significantly reduce the Raptor's damage unless enemy armor is weakened through the use of appropriate mods or powers.

  • Legendary Edition: The Raptor is significantly heavier than equivalent levels of the weapon in the latest patch of the original version of Mass Effect 3.
  • The Raptor's light weight combined with its early availability can make it a useful weapon for countering Cerberus smoke screens throughout the game by equipping it with the Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope. Power-reliant classes can benefit greatly from this, as it allows enemies to still be targeted by abilities. Even a level I Raptor will not reduce your power recharge time at all by itself if you have a weight capacity of 50, even without also using Sniper Rifle Ultralight Materials.
  • When used by squad members, the Raptor is fired in three-round bursts just like the M-29 Incisor. This seems to be squad members' preferred method of shooting rather than a glitch, as they can occasionally be seen firing just one shot to finish off an enemy.

Mass Effect: Andromeda[]


An automatic sniper rifle derived from a similar turian weapon. The Raptor isn't especially accurate, but combines some of the best traits of a sniper weapon and an assault rifle. The Raptor was controversial among Initiative security personnel who argued the weapon had no place in the Initiative's mission of exploration. A small number were still stocked.



  • Similar to its Mass Effect 3 iteration, the Raptor can be used as an assault rifle for short to long ranges, though its heaviness at lower ranks preclude it from being an ideal pick unless upgraded (or points have been spent in weight capacity skills).


Rank Damage Rate of Fire Max Clip Size Max Ammo Accuracy Weight
I 49 550 15 135 70 40
II 52 550 15 139 75 38
III 56 550 15 143 78 36
IV 59 550 15 146 81 33
V 63 550 15 150 82 31
VI 66 550 15 154 84 29
VII 70 550 15 158 85 27
VIII 73 550 15 161 86 24
IX 77 550 15 165 87 22
X 80 550 15 169 88 20

Rank Damage Rate of Fire Max Clip Size Max Ammo Accuracy Weight
I 100 550 15 135 70 40
II 103 550 15 139 75 38
III 106 550 15 143 78 36
IV 109 550 15 146 81 33
V 111 550 15 150 82 31
VI 114 550 15 154 84 29
VII 117 550 15 158 85 27
VIII 120 550 15 161 86 24
IX 123 550 15 165 87 22
X 126 550 15 169 88 20


Rank Rd icon milkyway orange Blueprint Unlocked Omni-gel canister icon Omni-Gel Canister Iron icon Iron Fluorite icon Fluorite Vanadium icon Vanadium MEA Augmentation Slot For Tables Augmentation Slots
I Level 1 20 80 40 10 0
II Level 6 20 90 40 10 2
III Level 11 20 100 50 10 2
IV Level 21 30 110 50 10 2
V Level 31 30 130 60 20 2
VI Level 41 30 140 70 20 2
VII Level 51 30 145 70 20 2
VIII Level 61 40 150 70 20 2
IX Level 71 40 155 70 20 2
X Level 81 40 160 80 20 2
Total N/A 300 1260 600 160 N/A


  • Mass Effect: Andromeda doesn't use the M-13 designation that prior Mass Effect games use for this sniper rifle.